Eluxit Travel Makes Luxury Vacations More Accessible

Yellowstone National Park is one of many places Eluxit can take you!

Eluxit.com Allows You to Trade-In Non-Refundable Trips

By Sierra DeWalt

Eluxit Travel Founder Bahar Schmidt
Eluxit Travel Founder Bahar Schmidt

You’ve been dreaming of this trip for months. A relaxing getaway on a beautiful island. A day or two before you leave, your mother gets very sick.

Instead of your long-awaited vacation, you need to help her. As if that isn’t devastating enough, you lose all of the money you paid for your hard-won island escape. But what if… you didn’t?

Re-sell Your Trip

What if instead of losing both the money and the vacation, the trip could be re-sold to someone else? This was the idea Bahar Schmidt, founder of Eluxit Travel, had five years ago.

Clients Losing Vacations

Schmidt has worked as a travel agent for twenty-five years, focusing mostly on luxury and VIP travel. Far too often, she saw customers who lost their expensive vacations without getting any money back.

One client booked a villa in Spain for over $50,000. When something came up, the client had to cancel and lost all of the money. There was no platform to re-sell the trip. Seeing this, Schmidt thought, “there’s got to be a solution,” and came up with the idea for Eluxit Travel.

What is Eluxit?

Schmidt describes Eluxit as a “next level luxury travel re-sale site.” Essentially, someone who wants to take a vacation at a cheaper price can buy a trip from someone unable to go on their dream vacay.

The website, which just launched last month, is especially timely because many people have future cruise credits (FCC) that they cannot use. Eluxit will take those cruise credits from customers to re-sell.

In addition, the pandemic has made glamping and cabin stay much more popular. Through Eluxit, customers can find glamping and cabin options in beautiful natural areas across the country for their summer travel alternatives.

Destinations from Governer’s Island, New York to Yellowstone National Park can be found on their website. Abroad experiences in places like Greece and Mexico can also be found. Vacations all over the world are open for the taking.

Going on a Trip with Eluxit

Eluxit Website Interface

To find a trip, you simply scroll through the destinations and click on the ones which interest you. If you know the dates of your adventure, you click “Inspire Me,” put in the dates you would like to travel, and the options for those dates will appear.

If you haven’t decided what kind of vacation you’re looking for, you can look through “Adventure,” “Villas” and “City Experiences” to see which is right for you. These categories will give you suggestions for trips based on your interests.

Once you have booked with Eluxit, an experienced travel advisor will walk you through step by step until your day of departure.

Selling a Trip on Eluxit

There are two ways that trips are sold on Eluxit. Most of the time, a travel advisor or agency will list vacations. They need to become an affiliate by filling out an application and then each individual will become a user, allowing them to enter the site and list vacations.

Say you are an individual looking to get money back from a trip you can no longer take. You need to apply, writing down all of the trip details, and then go through a verification process. You get to decide the selling price. Once this is completed, your vacation will be listed and hopefully, sold.

If your trip is sold, all except 15% of the selling price goes to you. You will get paid 10 days after the completion of the trip. This is more difficult and time-consuming, so listing it through a travel advisor or agency may be a preferred method.

So What’s the Cost of a Re-Sold Trip?

Eluxit Travel
Options for travel on the Eluxit website

You’re probably wondering how much cheaper the vacation will cost from its original price. The exact amount depends on the travel advisor or agency, but the site tries to give at least 30% off.

Some of the vacations are even around 50% of the original price. Currently, the cheapest deal is a last-minute offer costing only $172!

Changing the Game for Luxury Travel

Guests who have gone glamping in Yellowstone through Eluxit enjoyed their vacation. Roger F says “the location was beautiful and close to Yellowstone. We were not completely prepared for the cold nights. The bed was amazing and the stove kept us warm at night but the mornings were brisk.” Another glamper in Yellowstone said “Tents were so comfortable, and you can see great view near the entrance. We would like to stay again!”

Waterfall in Yellowstone
Beautiful views are waiting in Yellowstone National Park.

Bahar Schmidt is excited that now people will have a chance to get some of their money back on their luxury trips and that others will be able to buy re-sold trips for less. Schmidt is proud because this what she’s aspired to.

She says, “I’m living my dream right now.” And she’s not just living her dream; she’s helping other people live theirs as well.

Yearning for Something New

In their everyday lives, people all over the world yearn for something new, something different. People get tired of the stresses of work and family. They dream of exploring the world and the fresh start that comes from a new location.

If you’re one of these people, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Gather up those savings and buy yourself a well-earned vacation.

There are far too many people who cannot go on the exciting vacations they booked. There are even more who do not have the money for a lavish adventure.

Eluxit Travel just might change the game for luxury travel: making high-end travel available for those who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity.

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