Las Vegas: Where the Whales Hang Their Hats

The Las Vegas Strip. If you're a high roller, you can find amazing suites to bed down in style here.
The Las Vegas Strip. If you’re a high roller, you can find amazing suites to bed down in style here.

The Top Most Glamorous and Expensive Las Vegas Hotel Suites

By Robert Smith

The Sin City is known for its mad carnivals of sybarites indulging in unrestrained glitz and splurging out on everything that is flashy or fun.

It is the city where money talks and limits are a myth. When it comes to hosting luxuries, Las Vegas does it better than any other place, be it the most expensive bottle of champagne, top-billed performances, or luxe hotel suites.

Accommodations oozing grandiose can be found dotting the entire Sin City. Perched several floors high, these expensive Las Vegas hotel suites lord over and define what it means to live life king size.

Presidential Suite, The Four Seasons

There is no better way to commence and cap off a night at Las Vegas than by taking in a panoramic view of The Strip! This is what the Presidential Strip-View Suite of Four Seasons is about. Replete with a floor-to-ceiling window, it offers a scenic vista of the city’s most glamorous stretch. The suite’s 2,225 sq. ft. interior comes ornately fitted with high-end furnishings including a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, a dining room, a large living room, and unique windows places in a way that you enjoy a marvelous sunrise and a splendid sunset.

Check into the suite at a price of $3,000 per night, then start off with a drink as the staff unpacks for you.

Chairman Suite, The Bellagio

The Bellagio is one of the crème de la crème hotels on The Strip. Its Chairman Suite sprawls elegantly across 4,075 sq. ft. Facing east, it overlooks The Strip and the majestic fountains. Upon entering, the suite presents a looming, palatial living room that is definitely fit for a Chairman. The living room paves way for the two massive bedrooms in the suites that are as cozy as one might expect for the price.

Upscale elements like a fireplace, a solarium, and an indoor garden with its own fountain add a classic feel to the suite. What tops the design and amenities of this luxurious abode is its well-stocked L-shaped bar for six.

Check-in at a starting price of $7,000 a night and get limo-transported.

luxury listAria Sky Suites

Nestled on the top floors of the City Center hotel, Aria Sky Suites are luxurious high roller pads in the city. Popularly called Sky Suites Villas, these ritzy penthouses offer expansive accommodations ranging from one to two stories and 2,000 to 7,000 sq. ft. Both, two- and three-bedroom villas are available for those who want to challenge the depths of their pockets.

At the price, you get a private salon, a well-equipped gym, two grand living rooms, and serene spa-inspired bedrooms. Completing the luxe details of these suites are a full kitchen, bar, and Hermes-stocked bathrooms.

Check-in at a starting price of $7,500 a night and get 24/7 butler service.

Presidential Suites, Mandarin Oriental

Mandarin Oriental is known for its swish suites and Sin City is all the same. Sited in the new City Center, the hotel boasts three Presidential Suites named The Emperor, The Mandarin, and The Taipan. Each of these lodgings spread-eagles across an expansive 3,100 sq. ft. The Mandarin Suite trumps the rest with its massive tub. On the other hand, The Emperor Suite proudly flaunts an open kitchen, a media room for eight, and a piano.

Check-in at a starting price of $15,000 a night.

Chairman Suite, Venetian Las Vegas

Apparently, the Chairman Suite of Venetian Las Vegas is invite-only abodes meant for the highest bidders. The penthouse suite has everything from a private butler to a private karaoke room. With its three- or four-bedrooms floor plan, one can imagine how massive the suite will be. For the high-rolling price, the suite also offers amenities such as a private salon and a massage room. It is best for them who like to splurge on experiences not available for everyone.

Check-in at a starting price of $25,000 a night.

Hardwood Suite, The Palms Casino Resort  

Hardwood Suite is a dream come true for basketball fans. Want to spend your Las Vegas sojourn like a basketball star? This suite is the accommodation for you. Through Hardwood, the Palms give away the opportunity to party with aspiring LeBron’s or if you are lucky, LeBron himself. In this two-floor suite, there are two master bedrooms, a private locker room, and a private basketball court.

To refresh from a fervid game, the suite offers a jacuzzi. There are courtside Murphy beds and a pool table to cool off after a round of basketball. Thinking for your next boy-bash or a bachelor party yet?

Check-in at a starting price of $35,000 a night.

Caesars Palace Suites

Cozy and opulent Caesars Palace is just what it says it is – a palace. The palatial estate offers a gamut of TV-featured suites. There is a Hangover Suite that is modeled after the eponymous movie and has featured in another named Rainman. A second suite named the Fantasy Suite is the one from Absolut Vodka. A third newly-added Nobu Hotel Suites.

Each suite flaunts spacious state-of-the-art rooms. Whichever you choose, you get a line of luxurious facilities that will make the hedonist inside you do a double flip with joy. These suites come replete with a baby grand piano, a bar, a pool table, and bathrooms equipped with remote-controlled toilets.

Check-in at a starting price of $30,000 or $40,000 a night.

The Empathy Suite, The Palms Casino Resort

Not just the most expensive hotel suite in Las Vegas, but also one of the most expensive in the world, The Empathy Suite may be a hedonist’s wildest dream. Recently unveiled at the Palms, this lavish abode totals 9,000 sq. ft. Designed by the famous artist Damien Hirst in collaboration with Bentel & Bentel, the suite shines splendidly with its diamonds-filled pill cabinet.

The suite’s walls are ornate with six original works and Hirst’s butterfly motifs. Among the many cabinets, “The Winner Takes It All” is made translucent with symmetrical several cubic zirconias adding bling to the room.

Its layout fans into two master bedrooms, a dining area, ritzy bathrooms, a private healing salt room, a gym, a massage room, a curved bar, and two large lounge areas.

The buyers of the suite will be chauffeured in a luxury car service and get a private behind-the-scenes tour of the entire property. They will be entitled to enjoy all premium facilities at the Palms Casino Resort such as its record studio, Pearl Concert Theatre, and a $10,000 credit.

A night’s stay in this extravagant, gaudy suite will set you back a hefty $100,000.

For more information check out Betway’s travel guide to Las Vegas.

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