Delicious Bali: The Island Has Become a Foodie Mecca

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@graymalin on Instagram

Bali is a Heaven on Earth for Foodies

By Jackie Cohen

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@theavocadofactory on Instagram

The Indonesian island of Bali has long been a sought-after destination for yogis, spiritualists, surfers, and adventurers, but recently, it has positioned itself as a Mecca for vegan foodies from around the world.

With an influx of expat-owned, locally-operated cafes, Bali cafes have earned themselves the title of some of the best in the world.

Dozens of New Cafes in Bali

Just five years ago, it was hard to find a reliable Wi-Fi connection on the island, today, the dozens of cafes have provided a newfound modern touch to the island, scattered along the beaches and throughout many villages.

The copious amount of trendy cafes in the Islands surfer’s paradise, the Southwest portion of the Island, offer friendly hangouts, idyllic views,  impossibly good service, jaw-dropping culinary creations, a feast for both your eyes and your stomach.

By Western standards, these plant-based establishments are delightfully inexpensive.

The following is a list of some of the most delicious eateries in the Canggu/Seminyak area

The Avocado Factory

coffeecartelbali on Instagram
@coffeecartelbali on Instagram

Positioned in a quiet corner of the otherwise bustling village of Canggu, The Avacado Factory lives up to its name.

With everything from Avacado Matcha lattes and Avacado ice cream, the cafe is utilizing the fruits of its surroundings while providing a simply delightful dining experience.

With views of a nearby rice field and an open setting, The Avacado Factory is vegan’s dream spot for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and cocktails.

Coffee Cartel Bali

On a bustling street up the way from Canggu, Coffee Cartel Bali in Seminyak offers visitors artisanal coffee, lattes, and small dishes for their afternoon pick-me-up.

cratecafe on Instagram
@cratecafe on Instagram

With masterful baristas and magical blenders, this cafe is unlike any other. They even have a special cappuccino machine that you can send pictures of, and it will spit out your image onto your latte. Talk about individually curated.

CRATE Cafe, Kitchen, & Gallery

Up a quiet hill in seaside Canguu, the gigantic, open CRATE cafe awaits visitors with its insanely large menu, breathtaking views, and in-house gallery and shop.

This breakfast mecca could make any visitor into an Instagram star, with the most picturesque dishes and drinks you could ever imagine.

And of course, at affordable, almost unbelievably reasonable prices. Cool off with some fruit-infused water and an over-the-top smoothie bowl.

Peloton Supershop

pelotonsupershop on Instagram
@pelotonsupershop on Instagram

Possibly the most well-known spot in the area, Peloton Supershop doubles as both a vegan cafe and a bike shop.

Their simple, bohemian decor welcomes guests into their wonderful establishment. With a long menu with an option for everyone, they take vegan spins on traditional Balinese cuisine.

In the middle of downtown Canggu, this cafe is an absolute must for anyone in the market for its deliciousness and beauty.

Poke Poke Canggu

Not vegan, but for all the meat-eaters or pescatarians out there, Poke Poke is one of many seafood joints in the Canggu area. This one, however, is much more casual and cheaper than their competitors.

With fresh ingredients and a Chipotle-style ordering situation, their transparency is almost as refreshing as their bowls.

pokepokecanguu on Instagram
@pokepokecanguu on Instagram

Choose a traditional Poke bowl or maybe a sushi donut will do for you. Check out this joint for a light meal.

Nalu Bowls

If you’re in the mood for a cold breakfast to get you started on a day of surfing or sun-seeking, look no further than Nalu bowls.

Located about fifty meters from the beach, this little shack serves the most refreshing smoothie bowls, in carved coconuts, of course.

nalubowls on Instagram
@nalubowls on Instagram

Choose from a variety of flavors and a plethora of additional toppings, and people watch as people walk by on their morning commutes to work.

Nalu bowls has multiple locations throughout the island.

Gypsy Kitchen and Bar

Located in a more quiet corner of Canggu, Gypsy is a more upscale, but still casual eatery in the area.

@gypsi_bali on instagram
@gypsi_bali on instagram

With locally sourced ingredients and the warmest staff you could ever imagine, your experience at Gypsy will be unlike any other.

Their menu, curated by famous Canadian chef Robin Filteau-Boucher, will please any palette, vegetarian or not.

Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, like many of the other restaurants in the area, it will fit perfectly in your Bali itinerary.

Watercress Cafe

@watercressbali on Instagram
@watercressbali on Instagram

With a few different locations throughout the island, Watercress Cafe is another versatile spot with beautiful options for everyone.

Wholesome, fresh, abundant. With all-day Breakfasts, famous lunch showcases, price-fixe dinner options, and phenomenal cocktails, it’s no wonder the line for a table is generally out the door.

Cafe Organic

In busy Seminyak or Canggu, take a step back and cool down with the “Garden Gangstas” of Cafe Organic.

This laid-back coffee spot has a fruitful menu of vegan delights, with all the expected options and then some. Don’t miss out on one of the area’s best options.

@cafeorganicbali on Instagram
@cafeorganicbali on Instagram


As you can see, you won’t be leaving Bali hungry.

Get ready to enjoy all of the colorful ingredients of Bali, local, fresh, and simply delicious.

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5 thoughts on “Delicious Bali: The Island Has Become a Foodie Mecca

  1. All these delicious foods have made my mouth water! I must agree that Bali was a foodie haven and I loved the peanut satay, fresh fish and incredible fresh fruit. One of my favourite experiences was doing a cooking class in Bali. We visited an authentic Balinese home near Ubud with the most incredible tropical gardens and learnt how to make a few dishes. We even got to plant rice in the paddies! I can highly recommend it as a memorable experience.

  2. OMG these pictures have my mouth watering! Bali seems to be a popular destination lately. All of the photos from the food to the sunsets has Bali set high on my list of places to visit. I definitely want to try all the delicious foods I keep seeing people post. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hey Jackie, have you ever tried the tasty food at Jimbaran?
    If you are coming back to Bali, you must try grilled fresh-caught seafood at Jimbaran, ranging from shrimp, clams, crabs, calamari, lobsters and a wide assortment of fish you can try the sweet-sour blends to the typical hot and spicy.

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