Running Experts on the World’s Greatest Destinations

Enjoy a run in some of the world's coolest locations. Photo from Pexels. | GoNOMAD Travel
Enjoy a run in some of the world’s coolest locations.

Running Around The World

By Jackie Cohen

Fifty Places to Run Before You Die: Running Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinations ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=1419729128is a detailed, illustrated collection of the most remarkable running courses in the world.

With a balance of popular races including marathons, 5K’s, and everything in between, Chris Santella takes readers on a worldwide journey through trails and road races, featuring some of the most famous races and off-the-beaten path trail runs.

Between interviews with world-renowned runners and management of some leading running organizations, Fifty Places details the features of all of these places, inspiring readers to run their way around the world. From the mountains in France at Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc to the famous New York City Marathon, the Vancouver Sun Run, the Grand Canyon, the Dolomites in Italy, and the Great Ocean Road Marathon in Australia.

This guide is an amazing travel companion for traveling runners to see new places and conquer their goals.

Excerpt from Fifty Places to Run Before You Die by Chris Santella

Cover Photo of Fifty Places to Run Before You Die by Chris Santella. | GoNOMAD Travel“At various points in my life, I’ve tried to take up running… but with a bad back, poor wind, and a few too many pounds, it’s never quite taken. Yet I’ve always been impressed by friends who adhere to a regular running schedule. It’s so simple, so primal.

And by the looks of them, so healthy! I’ve also been intrigued watching some of these friends “train up ” for a special challenge, be it a 10K, a marathon, or something even more ambitious.

Do people really run a hundred miles over mountain ranges without sleep- and do it in less than twenty-four hours?!

I wrote Fifty Places to Run Before You Die for those who appreciate the challenges running affords… and for the opportunity to share these experiences with fellow runners while seeing a bit of the world.

“What makes a destination or even a place to run before you die?” you might ask. Is it the chance to run in the footsteps of champion athletes who have come before you? To explore an unfamiliar city or country from the unique vantage points offered by sweeping boulevards or mountain trails?

To immerse yourself in the beauty of stunning natural settings while pushing past physical boundaries? Or is it simply the opportunity to surround yourself with thousands- or tens of thousands- of like-minded people? The answer is all of the above, and more.

One thing I knew when I began this project, I was not the person to assemble this list. So I followed a recipe that served me well in my thirteen previous Fifty Places boos- I sought the advice of dedicated professionals. To write Fifty Places to Run Before You Die, I interviewed a host of people from the running world and asked them to share some of their favorite experiences.

Here are some of the author’s recommended places to run:

* Antarctica Marathon in Mid March every year

*California’s Death Valley Badwater 135 Ultramarathon

* Jamaica Reggae Marathon in Negril, early December

*Wales, Whole Earth Man vs. Horse Marathon

*Massachusetts: The Big Daddy, Boston Marathon, early April

These experts range from celebrated Olympic athletes (including Steve Moneghetti and David Bedford) to endurance running legends (Dean Karnazes, Tim Twiemeyer, and newcomer Jim Walmley) to travel authorities (Thorn Gilligan, Karen Hoch, and Bart Yasso) … and even a public radio star (Peter Sagal).

Some spoke of venues that are near and dear to their hearts. places where they’ve built their professional reputations; others spoke of places they’ve only visited one but that made a profound impression.

There is no shortage of ways to feel a connection with a place- or a sport for that matter- as evidenced in these pages. (To give a sense of the breadth of the interviews backgrounds, a bio of each individual is included after each essay).

Run across the globe. Photo from Pexels. | GoNOMAD Travel
Run across the globe. Photo from Pexels.

For some people, running is a low-pressure 10K with a great party afterward; for others, it may not begin to count as running until you’ve logged at least thirty or forty miles.

Fifty Places to Run Before You Die attempts to capture the full spectrum of running experiences- on-road, off-road, 10K, marathon, endurance… and some runs that defy easy classification.

While the book describes fifty great venues, it does not attempt to rank the quality of the experiences afforded by each place. Such ranking would, of course, be largely subjective. 

To help readers actualize their running aspirations, I have provided a brief “If You Go” information at the end of each chapter, which includes registration details for formal events.

The “If You Go” information is by no means comprehensive but should give would-be travelers a starting point for planning their trip.

One of the beauties of running is that just about anywhere you might find yourself, you can lace up your sneakers, step outside your door, and reap the benefits of a good run.

Yet a trip to a storied event or dream venue can create memories for a lifetime. It’s my hope that this little book inspires you to embark on some new running adventures of your own. I may even try to take it up again myself!”

Buy this book: Fifty Places to Run Before You Die: Running Experts Share the World’s Greatest Destinationsir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=1419729128

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5 thoughts on “Running Experts on the World’s Greatest Destinations

  1. I am part of a World Airline Road Race team and we run in a different country every year. Get’s us visiting parts of that country we may not have visited before.

  2. Love this! As a wellness traveler, I’m always looking for active destinations. I usually do hiking, biking and yoga, but could definitely expand into running in the right place. 🙂 I’d second France — especially the South of France.

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