South Korea: Home to Seoul Dragon City

Seoul Dragon City is massive! Karen Chang photos
Seoul Dragon City is massive! Karen Chang photos

Seoul Dragon City is the First of its Kind in Korea

By Shane Fay

“Offering an ideal combination of globally recognized high-standard hospitality and unmatched facilities, Seoul Dragon City is positioned locally, regionally and internationally to be Korea’s global landmark,” said Jerome Stubert, Cluster General Manager of Seoul Dragon City.

Mr. Stubert is correct in his statement. The Seoul Dragon City hotel-plex is the first complex of its kind in Korea and surely has the potential to be a global landmark. This massive establishment has a lot to offer to all different kinds of travelers. Whether you’re a businessman in need of a lengthy stay or a family on vacation, Seoul Dragon City can accommodate you.

A room in the Grand Mercure Ambassador Seoul Yongsan at Seoul Dragon City.
A room in the Grand Mercure Ambassador Seoul Yongsan at Seoul Dragon City.

The complex features four different AccorHotels brands that cater to multiple demographics. The Grand Mercure Ambassador Seoul Yongsan is best for long-stay guests and families who prefer upscale living with plenty of services. This particular hotel contains 202 locally cultural and colorful, rooms.

For long-stay leisure and business guests, or guests who prefer lots of flexibility and space, the Novotel Suites Ambassador Seoul Yongsan has 286 spacious suites built for those looking to work and relax. Rooms in this hotel feature a non-partitioned space that one to four guests can enjoy.

The Novotel Ambassador Seoul Yongsan is geared towards leisure and business guests looking for an easy, comfortable stay. The hotel’s modern and simple design fills 621 large rooms that are perfect for individual guests as well as families.

With 591 colorful rooms featuring bold personality, the ibis Styles Ambassador Seoul Yongsan is the choice for families, business and leisure groups, frequently traveling individuals, airline crews, and anyone who likes all-inclusive rates.

A room in the Novotel Ambassador Seoul Yongsan at Seoul Dragon City.
A room in the Novotel Ambassador Seoul Yongsan at Seoul Dragon City.

“Together, the four brands can cater to the needs of every guest…Grand Mercure combines rich Korean culture with elegant service, making it a great option for long-stay guests who require full residence services.

“Our Novotel Suites will attract medium- to long-stay business travelers and families on urban holidays,” said Chief Operating Officer of AccorHotels, Upper Southeast and Northeast Asia, Patrick Basset, regarding the appeal of Seoul Dragon City’s many hotels.

Apart from the various AccorHotels featured in the complex, Seoul Dragon City also includes 17 meeting rooms, 11 restaurants and bars, two multi-function grand ballrooms, and an amazing Sky Bridge with four floors of entertainment.

The Sky Bridge at Seoul Dragon City

If the beautiful rooms and styles of Seoul Dragon City’s multiple hotels don’t make you want to stay there, then the complex’s Sky Bridge certainly will. Suspended between two of the complex’s towers, Seoul Dragon City’s Sky Bridge screams entertainment.

A room in Seoul Dragon City's Novotel Suites Ambassador Seoul Yongsan.
A room in Seoul Dragon City’s Novotel Suites Ambassador Seoul Yongsan.

Some highlights of the Sky Bridge include the King’s Vacation – the only lounge bar within South Korea where guests have the opportunity to experience European decor, an innovative culinary scene, a miniature indoor pool, a performance stage, and a Skywalk.

The Sky Beach offers a private beach club, great music, international cuisine, and a setting reminiscent of the world’s most legendary beach clubs.

Not many hotel complexes boast such a massive and interesting entertainment scene. Regardless of your age or personal interests, you will have a fantastic time at the unique and incredible Sky Bridge at Seoul Dragon City.

Seoul Dragon City’s Clever Location

Seoul Dragon City is situated in the center of Seoul. The complex is placed strategically close to major business areas such as Gangnam and Yeouido, and major commercial areas such as Myeongdong and Itaewon.

Seoul Dragon City is also close to movie theaters, shopping centers, embassies, and other various tourist attractions. The massive complex sits about 35 miles from Incheon International Airport and less than 14 miles from Gimpo International Airport.

A room in Seoul Dragon City's ibis Styles Ambassador Seoul Yongsan.
A room in Seoul Dragon City’s ibis Styles Ambassador Seoul Yongsan.

The History Behind the Name

Korean mythology had a large part in the naming of the complex. Dragons were known as powerful and benevolent creatures in Korean mythology. They controlled the cosmos and were associated with fortune, wealth, and success. Dragons also became a symbol of a Joseon Dynasty king.

The Joseon Dynasty left a significant legacy to modern Korea. Thus, “Seoul Dragon City” is a modern interpretation of the heritage of the Joseon Dynasty as well as the symbolic nature of the dragon.

Seoul Dragon City To learn more about the traditional Korean Seoul Dragon City, its special offers, and more, click here.

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