Travel Easy: Gadgets You Can Use in 2017

Gadgets for Spring 2017

By Anna Levine

Check out these new and useful products to make traveling this year even simpler. These traveler’s products will come in handy for the year’s travels.

Sleep Better with this Portable Noise Machine

noise machine gadget 2017

There should be no more complaining about not sleeping well after using this portable sound machine. Whether you haven’t been able to sleep properly at home or falling asleep anywhere unfamiliar is impossible, check out this fun and useful gadget. If your hotel room is too noisy, tune it out with this tiny fan that makes white noise.

The tiny machine is equipped with 10 unique sleep sounds ranging from fan sounds to white noise to crashing waves. The compact swivel design also enables you to adjust the speaker, allowing sound to project in various directions.

The wireless Bluetooth speaker system also allows you to listen to you own music by connecting your smartphone for audio playback.

Adaptive Sound Technologies: LectroFan Micro  $34.95

Finally, headphones you won’t lose

These headphones easily wrap around your wrist lessening your chances of losing or breaking them. Titanium Speakers allow for quality sound reproduction as titanium creates clear, high- fidelity sound throughout the audio spectrum with ultra- fast response times.

Wraps wristband headphones.The headphones sit comfortably on your wrist with an adjustable slide to fit any wrist with ease. This product is stylish, practical, and affordable with great sound quality.

These will be great unless you buy a new iPhone 7, in which case you might have to get an adapter from the Lightning connector to the old RCA style headphone jack found on most devices. Wraps: Wristband Headphones $11.50

Wash Delicates easily and gently without electricity

The Allurette washer is the gentle way to handwash clothes effectively when you are traveling. Take the stress out of caring for delicate clothes and activewear without using electricity. Clothes are washed in the Allurette washer by rubbing from the outside, so exposure of sensitive skin to water and detergents is minimized.

kjlqotwtgptzl5mrfy8yThe Allurette washer is a new product from Calibre8 Pty Ltd, the company that brought the Scrubba wash bag to the travel and outdoor market. The Allurette washer is designed to make caring for your hand wash only clothes easier.

Allurette just launched on IndieGoGo this February and the product will be available May 2017. Allurette Delicate Washer $37

Illuminate the dark with the OxyLed LED Headlamp

oxyLED headlamp

The OxyLED LED Headlamp is the long-lasting, easy to use headlamp perfect for any outdoor activities, from fishing to hiking to biking to construction work.

Think of how many great places around the world you can explore even on a dark night while these lamps light up the way.

The OxyLED headlamp comes equipped with red and white LED 200LM headlight flashlights with 5 alternating modes. The r ed lens setting is easily visible in darkness and powers for days, making this the perfect headlamp to have in any after-dark emergency.

The headlight provides beams up to 300 feet of 200 lumens super bright light to follow those hard to see trail markers long after sundown.

IPX5 water-resistant build means that not snow, not a storm, not even driving rain will be able to keep you from shining that light. The comfortable and adjustable headband allows you to tilt your light up to 60 degrees to give you the best spot focus. OxyLED Headlamp OxyWild HL-01 $9.99

The OxyLED Mini LED Flashlight is a travel essential


The OxyLED Mini LED Flashlight is small, convenient and perfect for any indoor or outdoor activities after dark. Whether your lights have gone out at home you’re your pitching up camp for the night, don’t get left in the dark!

Beam up to 300m of energy-efficient light (160 lumens). OxyLED Mini flashlights are adaptable, they cycle between high, low, and strobe functions at the push of a button. And they have the ability to optimize focus between spot and floodlight with head zoom.

The body is durable. Built from lightweight aluminum that is portable, OxyLED is IP64 water-resistant, with a rust-proof shell of high-grade aluminum and LED lifespan over 100,000 hours. The power comes from three AAA batteries, easy to buy and cheap to replace. The light is truly bright and sharp. You get four of these solid lights for just $20!

Each flashlight has a color LED ring and lanyard making it easily to distinguishable. Improved nylon lanyard hangs anywhere and is easy to pull from your toolkit. OxyLED Mini LED Flashlight 4-Pack $19.99

You won’t go unnoticed on the bike path with the OxyLED LED Bike Light Set

The OxyLED LED Bike Light Set is the perfect gadget to illuminate your path, forest trail, or urban areas, giving you extra convenience in the darkness, foggy, cloudy or rainy days.

bike lights

It has six working modes. For the headlights, options range from steady low/middle/high light, low/high light flash, middle light strobe. And in addition, there are 3 working modes for tail light, flash, strobe, and steady on.

This light set is USB Rechargeable, built with a rechargeable 2600mAh battery, it can be recharged by connecting to a laptop, phone charger, computer, or power bank via supplied Micro USB cable, which makes it energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

It’s easy and efficient to use, just mount and detach the headlight on bicycle handlebar in seconds without tools, just 360 degrees rotate the bracket to adjust beam angle for ideal glowing effect. With its IP65 waterproof level, it is perfectly suitable for outdoor cycling even on rainy days.

OxyLED Oxywild BL01 Bike Light Set $19.99

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