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A snowy road in the Himalayas near Ladakh. Donnie Sexton photo. Gadgets and gizmos for future travel.
A snowy road in the Himalayas near Ladakh. Donnie Sexton photo.

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

We all need more fun gadgets and gizmos to get us through the summer. We have been asking companies to share their most creative and fun new products with us, and they sure came through!

Here are some interesting new products for travelers.

Plug and Play with the Net Stick USB Modem and No software

True Plug and Play–No drivers needed, you can get connected to Sprint’s 4G LTE network by simply plugging the NetStick into your laptop and skip the hassle of long setups.NetStick USB Modem

There’s no software required with the NetStick and its compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. Simple LED indicator for connectivity and speed.

Antenna gain peaks up to 7 dBi on 2500 MHz frequency with High Power User Unit (HPUE) technology enhancement Added Security – Host-less Connectivity Put your mind at ease with the security features of the Sprint NetStick.

It works with corporate VPNs and offers security controls and remote management. The Host-less model adds an additional security layer.

Netstick 4G USB modem $180

A Sleek Power Bar for Wireless Qi Charging

Eggtronic Power BarEggtronic’s Power Bar does the job of four chargers. The compact and sleek white charging station features three wireless charging coils to recharge phones, Apple Watches, and wireless headphones.

In our tests, this unit proved to be a bit annoying, it doesn’t stay on and you have do move the phone around a bit to get it to charge. It’s just a bit unreliable and also it’s tricky getting it to charge a phone when the device is charging.

On the side of the unit is a USB-C port allowing it to be used as a wired power bank to recharge compatible laptops and tablets. This is the port that Apple’s New Apple MacBook Pros use, USB-C.

This device uses the new Qi connection that eliminates the need for cords on iPhones 8 or higher.

Eggtronic Power Bar $149

Moraknife floating knifeMorakniv Floating Knife

This is a lightweight and versatile adventure tool for paddlers, anglers, hikers, and more. This lightweight floating knife was developed with thoughtful features that make it a perfect fit for a wide range of activities both on and off the water from fishing to camping.

The handle features a highly visible lime green polymer core surrounded by cork, ensuring the knife can not only float both in and out of the sheath but can also be easily spotted if it’s dropped in the water. The barrel-formed ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and secure grip in wet or dry conditions and the all-natural cork doesn’t conduct cold.

Morakniv Floating Knife $29.99

Pamu mini earbuds

Pamu’s New Mini Ear Buds for Enjoying Podcasts on the Road

These tiny buds do the job of Apple’s earbuds at less than one third of the price. Sorry, but the white ones aren’t worth that much more. Enjoy podcasts or Spotify playlists while you do your mandatory state-approved walks!

  • Features Bluetooth Chip QCC3020
  • 30 hours playback on one charge
  • Awesome sound with booming bass
  • Touch Controls for easy operation
  • Water Resistance:IPX6
  • Wireless charging
  • Smaller Charging Case

Pamu earbuds by Padmate $69

RetroviewerRetroviewer: A Viewmaster for 2020!

Remember the fun we once had back in the day with the Viewmaster? Here is a new incarnation of a pretty cool idea.

Image3D allows customers to create 3D viewers and custom photo reels from their own digital photos. A viewer and photo reel sell for $29.95. The process is simple.

Customers go to, upload their photos to the RetroViewer photo editor where they can edit and add 3D text, place their order, then receive their custom RetroViewer in the mail a few days later!

Retroviewer by 3dimage $29.99

Six piece mess kit from UCOSix-Piece Mess Kit for Summer Camping Adventures

This mess kit is built to last with ultra-durable polypropylene, TPE, and comes with a lifetime warranty. This dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and freezer-friendly kit is leak-proof and lightweight.

The kit includes a lid/plate and bowl with rubber grips, UCO’s signature Switch Spork, a multi-functional shock cord tether, and a collapsible Camp Cup with measurement lines up to 12 ounces.

The 2-piece Switch Spork can be used as a fork and knife set, or combined to form a long spoon perfect for dehydrated meals. When you’re done with your meal, you can collapse the Camp Cup, store it inside the bowl and plate, then tether everything together using the shock cord.

UCO mess kit $24.95

STM Charge TreeSTM Goods ChargeTree offers Wireless Charging for Three Devices, Too

Perfect for the tech-savvy, STM Goods ChargeTree is a revolutionary multi-device charger with a single stand that can power a trio of digital devices simultaneously, including your iPhone or another wireless-ready smartphone, AirPods/AirPods Pro and Apple Watch. It uses Q1 technology that’s found in iPhones from 8 and above and most newer Samsung devices.

Like Eggtronic the charger above, there are still things that are annoying about this charger–like sometimes you just can’t get it to charge the phone, like when the device itself is charging. So far the technology hasn’t really caught up to make powering up a phone as easy using this as it is just plugging it into an outlet.

ChargeTree $79.95


Rheos Sunglasses that Float, Perfect for Paddlers and Boaters31dKga4F87L. SL250

I took my first paddle last week with two friends, all keeping a safe social distance. I wore my new Rheos floating sunglasses, and tossed them overboard…voila! They floated on the surface of Lake Warner! YAY!

These floating sunglasses are made for the love of water. The frames will never sink, so you can do more of what you love without worry. The new Nyon Optics are lab-tested to be clearer than glass. These shades are so lightweight, they’re barely there. ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07DFV8VVJ

Rheos Sapelos Floating Polarized Sunglasses | 100% UV Protection |  $55
ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B085B3D2N8

A Foldable Lantern with Many Uses

This funny looking lantern is quite useful,  the 3-in-1 design incorporates lantern, flashlight, and desk light features into one com41acrhqaOVL. SL250pact and easy-to-use utility light

Lantern emits a cool bright white light at 200 lumens for 360° illumination – use the switch to transition between Low (100 lumens), High (200 lumens) and Flashlight (180 lumens) modes, perfect for patio, camping, emergency lighting and more. It comes in five bright colors, too.

Battery Powered – Lantern runs on three AA batteries (not included)
Enbrighten Purple 3-in-1 LED Lantern, $11.99

Pillows Made of Wool

I never thought about using a pillow made of wool. But Sonoma Wool Company offers luxurious pillows made Sonoma Wool Pillowsfrom the backs of sheep. The California company makes a full line of wool bedding, from comforters to pillows and mattress toppers. This is how they explain it:

“Wool breathes. The structure of a wool fiber is such that air circulates through each fiber. By so doing, it creates both a warming effect and a cooling effect as it wicks away moisture from your body. No synthetic material or feathers can do this.”

Their wool pillow is a firm one, you can choose between soft, medium and hard, based on how much wool is stuffed inside, they suggest soft for stomach sleepers, medium for side and back sleepers and firm for extra support while sitting up in bed, or for surrounding supporting your body.

Sonoma Wool Pillow $89

Element Phone Holster caseHold Your Phone Like Your Gun

This new “universal design” phone case carrier features a 180-degree swivel belt clip that securely attaches to a belt or waistband and is easy to quickly align for a comfortable seated position.

The case comes equipped with a kickstand that enables the phone to be viewed in portrait and landscape mode. Available in a medium-size, which fits the Samsung Galaxy s9/S10/S10e, iPhone 8/X/XS.

Element Case Holster $24.95

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