Travel Gadgets for Fall

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fall-travel-gearWhat to Bring With You on Your Next Trip

New travel gear and gadgets are constantly being brought to the market — from wireless chargers to new state-of-the-art headphones.

At GoNOMAD, we came up with a small collection of some new technology that you may want to consider on your next big adventure! We never know what will arrive in the mail here at GoNOMAD. Here are some of this month’s surprises for travelers.

Use Rhino Wrap to protect your luggage from theft, damage and openings.
Use Rhino Wrap to protect your luggage from theft, damage and openings.

Do it Yourself Luggage Wrap from Rhino Wrap

Choose from six different colors and wrap and protect your luggage from theft, accidental openings, and damage. It also gives you the leg up when you’re looking for your luggage at the baggage carousel with hundreds of bags and suitcases that all look the same.

Rhino Wrap is TSA Compliant and stretches to fit around any size bag or case. Many airports offer this service at the terminal at a much higher cost.

Depending on what you need, you can purchase the “Travel Size” option coming soon that wraps two bags for $6.65, four bags for $7.90 or “MAX” 10 bags for $13.90. The company also offers two luggage grips for $4.50 with custom designs available. Rhino Wrap $19.99

Maybe… but WHY? 

The Eyefi Memory Card.
The Eyefi Memory Card.

Send photos to Your Phone Wirelessly with Eye-Fi

Transfer photos you take on your next trips right from your camera to your iPhone, laptop or any other smart device. With Eyefi Cloud you can sync and share your photos on any web-enabled device. Comes in different capacities depending on what you’re looking for (32GB, 8GB)

Though many new cameras are now including wireless transmission and the ability to post to social networks right from the camera, for those with older models this can be a real hassle-saver. Eyefi Camera Memory Card $28.95

I couldn’t log in to the website… so I am still tentative…

FlipBelt: making adventure easy.
FlipBelt: making adventure easy.

Flipbelt–It’s Cooler than a Fanny Pack. Really.

It’s comfortable and convenient! This product is perfect for the days you don’t feel like bringing a bag or on a hands-free run or hike. With multi-access pocket openings around the belt, you’ll have room to store your phone, keys, money, ID and anything else you may need. Don’t worry about the stigma attached to fanny packs–the Flipbelt is smaller, cooler, better.

Made of polyester and spandex, the belt sits comfortably on your waist without any hassle — all you need to do is slide it on and fill the pockets and you’re all set and ready to go! FlipBelt  $20.12-$79.84

Extra Battery Power for your Phone

PowerShadow Battery Case.
PowerShadow Battery Case.

You’re running from place to place with no time to relax or charge your phone and before you know it, the battery drops down to 1%. We’ve all been there. With the PowerShadow Battery Case, you can charge your phone anywhere, anytime.

With the Charge Dock, you can charge the case at home before venturing out.

Pop your iphone into a PowerShadow for cordless charging. Read about many other new gadgets for travelers here!
Pop your iphone into a PowerShadow for cordless charging. Read about many other new gadgets for travelers here!

When your phone runs low, click and hold the on button on the lower back of the case and it will automatically start charging your phone. When you’re finished, click and hold the same button to turn the case off.

The Charge Dock doesn’t include a plug to connect to an outlet so make sure you have one you can use! Spyder PowerShadow Battery Case and Charge Dock. $93.15

Do you know about a new gadget we should test?  Contact the editor and tell us about it, we might review it here on GoNOMAD.

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