England: A Luxury Stay in Agatha’s House

Agatha Christie

Experience the World of Agatha Christie, England’s Most Famous Author after Shakespeare

The English Riviera, Devon, home of Agatha Christie tours.
The English Riviera, Devon, home of Agatha Christie tours.

By Stephanie DiCarlo

Often, travel starts first in the imagination.

Take it from someone who’s been there; as an avid reader growing up and an English major in college, I’ve always studied and loved to read British literature, to the point where it inspired me to study abroad in Leeds, England during my junior year.

Agatha Christie

Which brings to me to Agatha Christie, a British crime novelist who wrote scores of detective novels during the 80 years of her life Torquay, Devon, England, in a town along the southern English Riviera. A classic author in crime literature, her hundreds of books have captured the imaginations of millions of readers.

Greenway in Torquay, Devon, once home to Agatha Christie.
Greenway in Torquay, Devon, once home to Agatha Christie.

If you’re one of them, these Agatha Christie tours along the English Riviera are sure to satisfy the wanderlust born in your imagination.

Even if you’re not a fan of Christie’s, there’s nothing to lose by taking these tours and seeing a beautiful part of the UK.
The English Riviera stretches along the coast of 22 miles, made up of three towns, Paington, Brixham, and Torquay, the last of which was home of Christie. The Riviera is a popular vacation spot in England, if not only for the scenery, but for its history, culture, and fun. Crime novelist Agatha Christie.

The English Riviera will give you a glimpse not only into Christie’s novels but her life as well.

One popular tour is the Agatha Christie Mile. This mile-long walk brings you to ten key landmarks related to Christie, and the fun part is, at eight of these landmarks there is a clue that, in the end, spells out the name of one of Christie’s famous characters.

On this tour, you will see the hotel that Christie and her husband famously honeymooned at, as well as the Greenway house, where Christie lived and penned many of her famous novels.

Also on the itinerary are sights that Christie used as settings for many scenes in her novels. If you are familiar with her books, it may be like walking into a scene from one of her books. Also on the list of sights is the Torquay Museum, home to the UK’s only Agatha Christie Exhibition.

Also on this literary walk, you will come upon places Christie used to spend time, such as the Princess Pier, where she used to spend time roller skating with friends, or The Pavilion, where she was proposed to by her husband, Archie Christie.

In addition to the sights of Christie’s life and novels, this tour will allow you to see some beautiful English seaside, as well as gardens and various parts of Torquay. Even

if one comes with little knowledge of Christie, you will be sure to learn a lot, and appreciate the English culture that this tour has to offer. You can find the complete list of sights for this tour here.

High Tea at the Orestone Manor in Devon, England.
High Tea at the Orestone Manor in Devon, England.

Agatha Christie Festival

And if you visit in September, the Agatha Christie International Festival is something you definitely would not want to miss. Celebrating Christie’s literature and life, this festival offers murder mystery parties, vintage bus rides, and readings of Christie’s work by Christie’s grandson himself.

So, go to the Riviera, explore Christie’s world and let yourself be treated as a proper tourist at this popular destination. While you stay here, a wonderful place to stay is the Orestone Manor. This luxury hotel is family run and in a perfect location along the Riviera.

This hotel prides itself on its English charm and the romance in the style of its rooms–You can stay in the garden suite, a hideaway with a beautiful view of the sea, as well as a hot tub of your very own, or the Horsley Suite, one of their most requested rooms, with a giant window to the view of the sea.

Spend the day exploring the Riviera and seeing the sights of Agatha Christie, and return to your room for relaxation, beauty, and luxury after a tiring day.

This manor also has fine dining– before turning in you can stop for tea, or a meal. Even if you aren’t staying there, you can always stop by for the food! While many guests like to dress up, the Manor says wear whatever you’re comfortable in, but if you’re staying in luxury, it can be fun to dine like you’re luxury too!

The Orestone Manor also offers their own knowledge of Christie- any question you have, they can answer. Their guests also have full access to Unique Devon Tours, which will allow you to tour nearly anything you’d like to see in Devon.

If you like Agatha Christie, or simply want to experience a stay at a luxurious stay at one of England’s more popular vacation destinations, the English Riviera is calling for you. It’s full of the very charm that literature lovers seek, and will definitely be a romantic experience.

Book your room at the Orestone Manor!

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Stephanie DiCarlo

Stephanie DiCarlo is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts and has a Bachelor’s degree in English and History, as well as a specialization in creative writing. She also writes for the young adult literature magazine Ultimate YA and she likes to travel and eat good food. You can follow her on Twitter at @ccioSteph

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