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Introducing Teflboard

If you’ve ever dreamed of teaching English abroad, check out this site!

Teflboard is a new website dedicated solely to the presentation of curriculum and program details on E.S.L. teacher training certificate courses and diploma programs all over the world.

teflboard can help you get into a classroom somewhere far away!The teflboard mission:

Due to the ever-growing number of T.E.F.L. certificate and diploma programs on the market today and the lack of one single international standard in the field of teacher training, those in need of qualified teachers are often unsure of what kind of training a T.E.F.L. certificate bearer has actually had. The teflboard seeks to provide clarification in this area by providing the information every school wants to know about a T.E.F.L. certificate program when hiring one of its graduates.

The teflboard is also an excellent reference for those wishing to enroll in a T.E.F.L. course for teacher training. Its concise format and easy reference system provide a clear overview of the program offerings at teacher training centers around the globe.

What the teflboard is:

The teflboard is a reference list of teacher training centers. It provides statistics about each center’s T.E.F.L. training programs, the curriculum, the staff, the program length, the materials, the qualification or certification offered etc.

The statistics found here have been sent to the teflboard by participating institutions with the understanding that the teflboard will make every effort to ensure that the information provided is correct and current. The teflboard reserves the right to remove training centers which provide false or misleading information from the teflboard.

What the teflboard isn’t:

The teflboard’s focus is facts and statistics about T.E.F.L. training course curriculum and set-up. It does not promote or endorse any individual school’s program. As a provider of a public service, the site does not provide subjective feedback on the quality of an institution’s certificate based on program advertising or graduate’s reports. For tuition and scheduling information, it is necessary for interested parties to contact each school individually.

How the teflboard works:

If you are interested in looking up a T.E.F.L. certificate program on the teflboard, simply choose the country in which the institution is located and then look it up by name in the alphabetically-ordered list. If the training center you are seeking is not on our list, drop us an e-mail by clicking on the ‘contact us’ button to let us know. Upon receipt of their name and address, we will contact them and invite them to register their program with us.

If you are a T.E.F.L. training provider and would like to be added to our list, simply click on ‘register a program’ for further instructions. All T.E.F.L. training center listings are free of charge. Visit the site:

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