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GoNOMAD.com has been publishing travel on the web since 2000, and we send writers on press trips all over the world.

We have done business with every tourism board in Europe as well as dozens more in Asia, the US, South America, and the Caribbean.

Thousands of pages of high-quality content means an audience of interested travelers, looking to plan and get excited about their next trip.

Be a part of it!

Why GoNOMAD Travel?

* GoNOMAD.com had 1,110,000 Unique visitors in 2015, averaging 92,000 per month.

In 2018 we have an average of 109,000 unique visitors per month.

Here are a few of the tourism boards we work with…

France tourism loves GoNOMAD.com!

Tourism Australia is a fan of GoNOMAD's too.

California loves GoNOMAD.com too!

Mexico loves GoNOMAD.com too!

Spanish Tourism loves us too!Brasil tourism and Embratour love GoNOMAD!Costa Rica

*On an average month, more than 2,027,385 search results including GoNOMAD stories!

*In one year we generate more than 24 million impressions from Google searches.

*GoNOMAD has more than 177,800 backlinks, the most important factor in determining a website’s vitality and value.

Top Travel Blogs for 2019, based on a mix of algorithmic factors, very non-biased.

GoNOMAD is ranked number four in the world among the top travel blogs and sites!

*GoNOMAD’s Pinterest page has 223,000 average monthly viewers and 4300 average engaged.

*GoNOMAD has 2600 followers on Instagram and the page is regularly updated by many of our writers whenever they travel.

*Every day, more than 300,000 people find GoNOMAD in Google search results, and there are more than 4000 first page search results that lead to GoNOMAD articles.

*Advertisers include Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Allianz, American Express, Delta, Virgin, Tourism NZ, American Airlines and hundreds of other top travel names.

*GoNOMAD’s Alexa ranking is 78,219 in the US.

*Google Gives GoNOMAD a PageRank of PR5, making it an authority site for travel.

*GoNOMAD is ranked in the top 100,000 out of all sites on the web.

*GoNOMAD has more than 8000 likes on Facebook and regularly updates a fan page there.

*GoNOMAD records travel radio segments that are archived and broadcast on 3 radio stations around the US. We also appear as regulars The Travel Planners Show, syndicated out of St. Louis MO.

*GoNOMAD has more than 39,300 followers on Twitter and our writers regularly update our Twitter feed from around the world.

*The article has been assigned by GoNOMAD Editor Max Hartshorne.

*Our travel videos are easy to find on our YouTube channel.

*The articles remain on the site, easy to find and read, forever.

*Most of our writers publish daily blogs, including Readuponit which is updated during all trips.

*We promise never to bore you!

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There is an increasing need for brands to meet consumers where they are–on social channels like GoNOMAD’s. Every day we publish travel articles that inspire, entertain and most of all, provide useful and interesting information for travelers who want to plant trips. There is also an increasingly important role influencers like GoNOMAD play for brands to re-build trust with consumers

Content published on a site like GoNOMAD resonates much more with consumers than brand content.This chart shows the top ten travel blogs in 2014, with GoNOMAD at number 9!
GoNOMAD is supported by paid advertising from the world

‘s top travel brands and airlines.

This website publishing network is carefully selected top quality travel content websites…like GoNOMAD, delivering a discerning travel customer and a large audience of people who just like to read about great destinations.

If you’re a Press officer or a PR pro, please contact us if you think we’re a good fit for your tourism clients.

Read testimonials from some of the hundreds of CVBs and PR agencies who have hosted our writers since 2002.

We offer superior coverage, well written daily blogs, exciting Tweets, radio broadcasts, in short, an unbeatable combination to help give us great content while giving your destination the attention and focus it deserves.

Max Hartshorne’s Readuponit blog GoNOMAD.com’s blog has been published since 2004. He blogs regularly to this day.

GoNOMAD is proud to partner with eight other travel websites in the 360 Travel Network, providing content marketing for top travel brands.

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