Clothing and Footwear for a Traveler

Kenneth Cole Unlisted driving shoes for men

Kenneth Cole Loafers for More Than Just Driving

Unlisted, A Kenneth Cole Production, is a trend-right style brand that takes the guesswork out of fashion. The Men’s Sound Textured Driver Loafers were initially created to provide comfort while driving but quickly became popular for their unique look and style. Today, these classic moccasin-style dress shoes are still worn by racing drivers out on the track.

Kenneth Cole Unlisted Driving Shoes

Nomatic 20 L backpack

Nomatic’s Sleek 20L Travel Pack

The best-selling 20L Travel Pack is designed for everyday use and for those shorter 1-3 day trips! It’s made with durable, water-resistant materials and YKK zippers. Starting at 20L and expanding 50% to 30L, this bag is slim but expands when you need to pack more.

The patent-pending strap system allows you to go from backpack to briefcase carry for those times when you need to look more professional. The full perimeter zipper, magnetic water bottle pockets, RFID safe storage, and hidden pockets are just a few of the 20+ noteworthy features that make the Travel Pack the most functional travel pack ever!

Nomatic pack $299

Ace Marks loafersAce Marks Penny Loafers from Italy: Stylin!

You gotta love that tradition. Diablo and Dark Grey penny loafer Italian leather dress shoes. The Greg penny loafer dress shoes in Diablo Antique and Dark Grey Leather is made from premium Italian leather and offers a luxurious texture in its elegant shape. Our Diablo can be most similarly compared to an oxblood or merlot color.

The Penny Loafer Greg Diablo Antique and Dark Grey Leather has a contrasting detail upper and is elegantly sleek with its modern slip-on design with a rounded toe for a more polished look. All Ace Marks models are shipped without charge to the United States and are eligible for our Buyback program.

Ace Marks Loafers $324

Ace Marks travel shoeAce Marks Travel Sneaker in Cuoio Buffalo

The brand has recently introduced an innovative new, technology-driven travel collection called the Travel Shoe. These are the first-ever collapsible leather shoes that collapse to approximately 2 inches without ever creasing, so you can easily pack them in your carry-on or backpack, saving you a ton of space and money on checked baggage fees.

The brand’s extensive knowledge of luxury footwear combined with new materials technology resulted in a truly innovative and useful product. This buffalo leather shoe is foldable, it doesn’t crease, so the lightweight shoes stay looking great. It has a hand-burnished calf leather lining. Very nice shoes!

Ace Marks Travel Shoe $235Oaka Derby dress shoes

OAKA: A Redesigned, Modern Dress Shoe

OAKA makes healthier, modern dress shoes uniquely redesigned from scratch to restore comfort, mobility, and pain-free living. Most of their customers are frequent travelers or digital nomads and count on OAKAs as their most comfortable & packable pair of dress shoes.

They redesigned the shoe mold to create a unique sole that combines the health benefits of being zero drop with the professional look & feel of a traditional dress shoe. OAKAs are also anti-slip, slip-ons, and machine washable making them great for your next adventure.

OAKA Dress Shoes $135

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