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Valentine Clothing Gifts Make Everyone Happy

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

Clothing gifts tell the recipient you’re not afraid to be personal and get them a gift that hits the heart. Below are some of the clothing items and footwear we think will make great gifts.

Savile Row Shirts to Look Super Sharp on Zoom Calls

Savile Row dress shirtSavile Row Company’s Luxurious Blue Non-Iron Shirt is all class. With many of our travel plans up in the air, we’re all looking forward to our next holiday. Savile Row Company’s Blue Classic Fit Shirt is crafted from 100% non-iron cotton making it the perfect gift for the adventurous gentleman in your life.

Simply pack it into your luggage and it’ll be ready to wear once you’ve touchdown plus, who has time for ironing on holidays anyway? And think how great this will look on Zoom!

The design boasts a subtle texture that is perfect for around-the-year wear and comes complete with elegant double-cuffs. Get it monogrammed!
Savile Row Co Dress Shirts for Men 

Bath and Turban set

A Skirt/Shower Wrap and Matching Turban for Your Valentine

Give yourself the spa treatment by stepping out of the shower or bath and into the Fabbrica Home Spa Bath Wrap and tying your hair up in the absorbent hair drying turban.

With the secure fit of the terry cloth towel bath wrap, you can lounge around after the shower or bath while you prepare, without worrying about your towel falling off! This luxurious spa bath wrap has a secure elastic band and snap buttons all along the top to keep the towel firmly in place while you move around, get dressed, and do your hair.

The bath skirt/shower wrap is adjustable and fits small as well as large sizes. Extra soft rayon from bamboo fiber for a natural and luxuriously soft way to dry yourself off. For a limited time only, the Fabbrica Home Spa Hair Turban is included in this lovely spa gift set.

The Hair Turban ties around your head with an elastic band and a loop that tightens the back of the turban around a button in the front. The snug fit of the hair wrap keeps wet, loose hair out of your face while you apply makeup or get ready. Then, when loosened, your hair is dry and ready to be styled!

Towel Turban Everplush$44.99

Cozy Love Pants: With Secret Lover’s Openings!

cozy love closed pants
Cozy Love pants closed

These sweatpants are made for men and women with some secret business to take care of if you get the drift.

crazy love pants open
Cozy love pants open.

Cozy Love Pants have an easy zip opening that brings new meaning to loungewear. These trendy joggers are made with an extremely soft high-quality cotton-blend and will be your go-to after-work sweats.

Cozy Love Pants are made with invisible zippers for a discreet look, and look like any other sweats – but only you will know the little secret. They blend comfort, function, and a little bit of excitement.

Cozy Love Pants412iH+NvPPL. SL250 $60

Groove Life Belt: Something Cool and New

I needed a new belt. And I wasn’t sure which type to get since when men get a certain age, things become difficult because our belts never keep our pants from falling down.

An older friend has taken to wearing suspenders, because as he explains, ‘I don’t have much of an ass anymore.”

The Groovelife Belt really works. Between its proprietary webbing, rare earth neodymium magnets, and A380 aluminum alloy buckle, you will basically be an astronaut. This belt is gonna stay on you like the bad tattoo from your last metal show in 1998 and not lose its form. They designed the end to tuck neatly behind the belt.

For the occasional rogue fly away, they’ve added a secure keeper loop. The Groove Life belt is awesome.

Gun Metal / Stone Groove Belt by Groove Life – $49.99

Voormi Gives Athletes the Gift of Surface-Hardened Wool LayersVoormi

Looking for that perfect ‘buffer-the-world’ mid-layer to carry you through the season? Enter the Access NXT, built from the very lightest surface hardened Wool, this put-it-on leave-it-on layer truly does it all.

Whether gearing up for a day above tree-line or watching your breath at the start of an early morning ultra, this is the one piece you’ll need to weather the day.

Access NXT. $199

Voormi Running socksRunning Socks from Voormi

The days of sweaty feet for distance runners are over. This running sock has a wool outer layer that provides the ultimate in thermal performance and a soft, next-to-skin inner layer that wicks moisture outward.

Built with Dual surface construction, the Run Sock features an Achilles protection pad to reduce friction against the heel, a flex panel for superior movement, and a seamless toe closure for ridge-free comfort. Not cheap, just high quality.

Run Sock $25/pair

Mer Sea hoodieFeel Good About Wearing Mer Sea’s Recycled Bottle Hoodie

Mer Sea’s new Lovecycled™ Collection honors this beautiful world we live in. The yarn is crafted from 98% recycled plastic bottles and is so soft, it’s destined to replace your favorite well-worn t-shirt.

They’ve taken the signature Catalina silhouette, added a hood with a Petersham ribbon drawstring, and picked five colors sure to please all. Lightweight AND environmentally friendly? In sand, grey, teal and black.

Mer Sea Hoodie in Teal $89

Pretty Plum Sugar Luxuriously Comfy RobesPretty Plum Sugar Robes

This sophisticated and exquisite long floral robe is swathed in custom hand-colored florals on soft and high-quality rayon. Beautifully crafted and versatile, this sublime floral robe is a unique keepsake and wardrobe staple.

It can be worn for getting ready or the evening unwinds as well as for bridesmaid robes, bridal robes or a beautiful maternity robe. Worn casually, this elegant robe becomes a stunning pool or beach cover-up. This long floral robe is also a beautiful gift.

Pretty Plum Sugar Ankle Length Robe $73

Swiftwick Maxus socksSwiftwick Socks are a Step Up

 Swiftwick’s Aspire sock is a great running option, featuring high compression to support your muscles and reduce fatigue.

The sock’s thin profile fits easily into performance shoes and is highly breathable for moisture regulation.

Swiftwick’s Maxus is a high-cushion sock great for fitness and lifestyle wear. With a plush sole and breathable upper, the Maxus is perfect for everything from high-impact workouts to running errands.

Superb Running Gloves for Cold Weather WorkoutsNathan Running gloves

Nathan’s reflective touch-screen running gloves are built for the runner’s life. These lightweight stretch gloves with an eye-catching reflective pattern are as comfy as they are stylish.
They are smart device compatible, so you don’t have to take your gloves off to answer a call or take a picture and they come with a built-in chamois to wipe your nose in the cold. Ideal for keeping fingers toasty on chilly days in the 30° to 50°F/-1° to 10°C range.Nathan running gloves $24.99

run safe face mask

The Run Safe Face Mask

The Run Safe Face Mask is a great option as people start to go back to the gym or running in crowded areas–it offers top protection while featuring a breathable, sweat-wicking material. The Quick-Flip allows access to hydration and nutrition without removing the mask or touching your face.

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