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The Best and Warmest Winter Gear

By Andy Christian Castillo

Skiing in Vermont

Here at GoNOMAD, we don’t always follow the beaten path. In fact, we’d rather get off of it entirely, and we know that you like to too.

We understand the necessity of wearing quality clothing to keep out the elements and make unbearable weather, bearable — especially during the winter.Discomfort can make an otherwise good experience not-so-good. And conversely, the right gear can turn a miserable situation into an adventure. Ff there’s one thing to spend a little extra money on for better quality, it’s outdoor gear.

So this winter, don’t let the wrong equipment turn your day cold.

Whether it’s fighting the wind up the coast of Sweden, skiing in the Swiss Alps or trekking through forests in Vermont, suit yourself up right to make your adventure more adventurous!

And we’re all about that. We’ve put together a list of quality tested clothing items that live up to expectations.

Ice Bugs Zeal OLX Studded Running Shoes

Ice Bugs offer traction on ice, and can be lifesavers!
Ice Bugs offer traction on ice, and can be lifesavers!

These stiff-sided running shows come with studs on the bottom that grip even in ice. An associate of mine just fell on ice and hit his head on a stone wall, these would have prevented that. So many people have trouble on New England’s frequent patches of ice, whether it’s trying to hike or just walk down a sidewalk. Ice Bugs are a comfortable way to remain safe when unexpected ice pops up in front of you.

These shoes are also pretty good against water, with a waterproof lower half. Highly recommended! Ice Bugs Men’s Zeal OLX 

ECCO Track II High
Ecco Track II Hiking boots

Combining simple elegance with functionality, ECCO is a brand that takes pride in their product. I’ve been wearing these boots for the past year and they are still as good as the day I pulled them out of the box. Better, in fact. They’ve literally traveled around the world and back, and they’re more comfortable than ever.Every experienced traveler knows that a good pair of boots is an absolute must.

The founder of ECCO, Karl Toosbuy began making shoes in Sweden, and moved to Denmark where he started the company. His dedication to craft-first branding shows in the final product. And the style of the boot is perfect for travel; it looks good enough to wear with a pair of jeans, is comfortable enough to walk on the hard pavement of city streets, and can withstand the abuse of outdoor treks. Ecco Track II boots

Gordini Men’s GTX Storm Trooper II GloveGordini Men's GTX Storm Trooper II Glove

Second only to boots, a good pair of gloves is imperative, because maintaining dexterity and a good sense of touch in ice-cold conditions is difficult without the right gear. These well-made leather gloves come with an inner pair of gloves and have loops that attach to your parka–voila, no lost gloves on the ski trail.Tough enough to withstand the abuse of the trail, and warm enough for the slopes, Gordini gloves deliver.

Featuring Hydrowick Microdenier Lining to take manage moisture and MegaLoft synthetic fibers which maintain their insulation value even when wet.

One reviewer described them as “great quality….warm and waterproof. You won’t be disappointed.” Another commented that they were “incredibly warm gloves, but not overly so.”

Gordini Men’s GTX Storm Trooper II Glove

Obermeyer Hemsedal 1/4-Zip Men's Sweater
Obermeyer Hemsedal 1/4-Zip Men’s Sweater

Made from 100% pure merino wool, Obermeyer doesn’t cut corners on quality, and that’s why we like them. This sweater is made to last. It’s a throwback to the early days of ski style, perfect for pulling on during cold nights, or wearing as a base layer underneath.

Wear it out on the slopes while skiing during the day and out to dinner at night. This is the kind of sweater that prompts people to come up and say ‘hey nice sweater.’  It’s a bit Christmas-y but hey, why not cheer everyone up all winter long? Obermeyer Hemsedal 1/4-Zip Men’s Sweater

Obermeyer Women’s Frances Knit CardiganObermeyer Women’s Frances Knit CardiganThe Women’s Frances Knit Cardigan is similar to the ¼-Zip Men’s Sweater, only for women. It has a slimmer silhouette and comes in two different colors. The soft wool will keep you cozy, be it in front of the fire or snowshoing through the woods.

It’s a stylish alternative to the traditional fleece, great for layering (which is, of course, the best way to keep warm). A high quality sweater like this will last you years, and its classic pattern with never go out of style. Obermeyer Women’s Frances Knit Cardigan

Obermeyer Ranger Jacket

Obermeyer Ranger's Jacket

Here at GoNOMAD, we know how much you love to ski, because we do too. Built to withstand the Colorado Rockies, the best thing about the Ranger Jacket is the details.

From a stylus on a string inside of a zip-up pocket — so you can use your phone without taking off your gloves, to a microfabric mask wipe, Obermeyer thought of everything. This is the jacket for tech-savvy outdoorsman.A few zip-up vent-holes allows you to cool-off quick when you get too hot. And the outer shell is super tough.

The cut of the coat allows maximum movement without compromising on warmth, and it’s probably the most comfortable item of clothing you’ll ever wear. Obermeyer Ranger Jacket $329

Bolle Virtouse Goggles

I took these goggles skiing in Vermont during a particularly cold weekend of -30 degrees! These goggles lived up to my expectations. While my friends were constantly scraping ice and struggling to keep them clear, I didn’t have to stop.

Switch N’ Play interchangable lenses makes them great for every environment, and a large fit makes them perfect to pull on over a lot of clothing.

A duel plane on the lenses (one with anti-fog coating) puts them head-and-shoulders above the rest.

All in all, I give the Bolle Virtouse Goggles my whole-hearted recommendation.

So that’s it — GoNOMAD’s recommendations on the best gear to keep you warm! Whatever you do, or wherever you go, don’t forget to have an adventure along the way!

 Bolle Virtouse goggles $144

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