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Copper sheets
Fall Travel Essentials. Here are some of the newest products we’ve found that we think you’ll enjoy

It’s a new season and it’s time to think about fall travel and what you might need to bring on your winter and spring vacations. But since many of us remain at home during the fall, here are some things that make your bed and home more comfortable too.

Copper Bedding Benefits: 24/7 antimicrobial protection

According to the results of research conducted by the EPA, copper was able to kill 99.9% of bacteria in two hours. Because copper is known to kill bacteria, viruses and fungi upon contact with it, copper-enriched sheets offer complete antimicrobial protection against germs, microbes and other pathogens that you might otherwise encounter in your bed, including superbugs such as MRSA.

Prevent odor-causing bacteria

People naturally produce 26 gallons of sweat in bed each year and, together with high humidity, provide the ideal medium for growing mushrooms. Copper foils not only kill bacteria that cause odor, but they also have properties that absorb moisture and reduce the amount of perspiration that comes from sleep.

Copper Sheet and Pillow Cases Set

GoWatt 799 Power station

GoWatts 799: A Portable Power Station When You Lose Power or Camp

Dawad’s GoWatts 700 is the smallest and lightest 700W portable power station ideal for outdoor excursions and fall travel. Its unique battery management system and accurate & informative display make it a cut above the rest. It offers 7 power outlets and 6 unique ports to power your various electronics. GoWatts 700 can be charged via an AC outlet, a car charger, and even portable solar panels, to keep you supercharged wherever you want to go.

GoWatts799 Power Station $419

Andoze shoes
Andoze Shoes, Made from Plants and Stylish, Too

Andoze shoes are made with 98% plant-based materials that are harmless to the environment, light on the feet, comfortable and long lasting. Andoze walks toward a better, greener tomorrow by using plant-based and recycled materials like plant-based fibre, organic cotton and sugarcane.

Available in 12 different styles and colors, the Natural Sneakers collection for fall travel comes in six styles for those who are looking for a sleek, simple, and minimalist design while the those looking to make a fashion statement and show off their creativity, the Cotton Slip-Ons feature six unique patterns and designs. Andoze aims to make sustainability the new style statement.

Andoze Shoes

GoSun Breeze battery powered fan perfect for fall travel

GoSun Breeze: Bring the Fan to the Beach and Keep Away the Bugs

From heat waves and brownouts to camping and road trips, GoSun makes it easier to keep your sunny vibes going when the weather turns wacky! Their portable fans are highly packable, super durable, and can be used with any 12V source like your car, boat, or RV or connected to one of GoSun’s handy solar panels.

Their classic Breeze is perfect for a daily dose of fresh air, while their Breeze Pro weighs half as much and comes with a chargeable battery pack.

Breeze Pro Highlights:
– Highest efficiency rating on the market!
– Running noise is less than 60db
– Adjust any direction with 360-degree vertical tilting head
– Dial up or down the cooling power
– Compatible with any 12V
– Comes with the Power 144 Powerbank
– Go anywhere by purchasing a solar panel!

GoSun Breeze fan $79

GoSun portable powered refrigerator

GoSun Chill: The Ultimate Portable Fridge

GoSun is a solar appliance company that’s bringing the latest in clean solar energy solutions to your day-to-day. Their Chillest ice chest is the ultimate portable fridge designed to keep your food and drinks ice cold for all your events without needing any drippy bags of ice.

Never buy ice again!
Keeps food and drinks cold or frozen, dry, and organized
Adjust the temp from -4F to 68F
Charge the battery during the day with the sun to keep food cool without ice
Features a padded pull out handle, integrated bottle opener, gear tie down points, and a gear pocket
Built with all terrain wheels
Full-sized, 45 liter capacity
Runs off 12 volt, lithium battery, solar, or grid power

GoSun Chillest Fridge $79  

Invoxia tracker is hidden in your car

Keep Track of it All with Invoxia

Locate your vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle or any other valuables directly from the Invoxia GPS mobile app. Thanks to anti-theft alerts, you will be notified in real-time to attempted theft or any suspicious movement. If your motorcycle or bike has tipped over, you’ll know that too.

No wires or complicated installation. Hide the GPS Tracker in your car and track its position straight from the Invoxia GPS mobile app.

Invoxia car tracker $159 for one year of service

Tentree hoodie

Tentree Full Zip Hoodie: Just in Time for Chilly Weather

I am loving this cozy hoodie. And it’s made with materials that recycle wood!

Tentree’s signature TreeFleece blend offers a mix of TENCEL (wood pulp converted into a renewable and biodegradable fiber), recycled polyester and organic cotton for an ultra soft fabric that doesn’t sacrifice sustainability. Throw this zip-up hoodie on when running errands, getting coffee, or heading to the gym for an effortlessly casual look. In navy, olive green or black.Tentree Hoodie $79
wireless LED lights

These Useful LED Motion Lights Brighten Up Stairs, Shelves and More

The led motion sensor light with 20 LEDs, instead of 10, for each light, up to 160 lumens, brighter than other LED closet lights on the market. The LED night light bar is fully wireless, the long-lasting battery is USB rechargeable, and you can get enough light in the night with the help of LED lights to see clearly.

The wireless motion sensor light will start working only when it is in dark places and when motion has been detected. It is energy-saving and Eco friendly. No tools or screws are needed, All you need is to peel the adhesive tape off the magnetic strip so that you can mount the light on your desired places such as closet, wardrobe, pantry, hallway, stairs, and kitchen.
Rechargeable LED Motion Sensor Under Counter Closet Lights

A Packing Primer: What, What Not to Bring

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