How Much Does it Cost For Extra Baggage?

extra baggage
Baggage fees for 2022 for most major airlines are listed here.

Here are the fees in 2022 to Bring Extra Baggage on Flights

By Samantha Butts

A standard airline will allow you to check one bag, but if you pack too much, you’re going to need more bags and that’s where you run into trouble. Most airlines also require additional fees if your bag is overweight or oversized, which can cause problems if you are going on a longer trip.

This chart for traveling from the United States overseas breaks down popular airlines’ prices for additional luggage and overweight or oversized bags. Frequent flyers may receive additional discounts.

Airline First Bag Second Bag Third Bag Overweight Oversized
Air Canada $25 $35 $100 $75+ $75+
Alaska Airlines $25 $25 $75 $75 $75
American Airlines $30 $40 $150-200 $200+ $200+
British Airways Free $0-100 $55-100 $100+ N/A
Delta Air Lines $30 $40 $150-200 $100-200+ $200+
Emirates $30 $45 $150 $150+ $200+
Frontier Airlines $25-60 $40-45 $75-80 $75+ $75+
Hawaii Air $30 $40 $50-100 $35-70 $50-200
JetBlue Free $40 $100 $100-200+ $100+
Southwest Airline Free Free $75 $75+ $75+
Spirit Airlines $21-100 $31-100 $76-100 $25-100+ $75+
United Airlines $30 $40 $150 $100-200+ $200+
Cathay Pacific Airways $200 N/A N/A $150 $150
KLM Free up to $266 $75-300 $75-300
Finnair Free $100 $200 $100 $100-200
Avianca Airlines Free $125 $200 $150
LATAM Airlines Free $80-120 $150-200 $200 $100
Ethiopian Airlines Free Free $60
Lufthansa Free $66 $88 $132 $132
Ryanair * 10kg checked bag $30-45 20kg checked bag $52-77 $13 per extra kg

*Post booking price

For most airlines, bags over 50 lbs (23 Kgs) are subject to additional fees which start around $50. At Ryanair, luggage cannot exceed 20 kg, or else you will face extra fees. Many airlines charge additional fees for checking sports equipment such as skis, golf bags, and surfboards. Often, international flights have higher fees for luggage than domestic flights.

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International Airlines Oversize and Extra Baggage Fees

Airline Oversized or Overweight Extra Bag
Aer Lingus $11 per extra kilo $83 per extra bag
British Airways $72 for overweight bags
Emirates $29 per extra kg  $45 for a second bag
Easy Jet $11 per extra kg
TUI $19 per extra kg
Virgin Atlantic $85 for overweight bags $59 for an oversized bag
Air France
KLM $75-300 $75-300 maximum wight 33 kg (length plus width plus height)

One factor in the airline baggage scene is the fact that on a short-haul flight, you often can get your bag checked even if you didn’t pay for an bag check. That’s because when you’re on a small plane such as a regional jet, either the baggage racks are too small to fit even the smallest carryon, or it’s just easier for the airline to ask you to leave a tagged bag at the end of the jetway, where it will be put into the checked bags area of the plane.

And if you are flying on two more legs, you can ask them to check bag you left on the jetway all the way to your next destination. So then you’ll get the benefits of checking a bag, not having to drag it around the airport, but you haven’t had to pay a cent extra.

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