6 Health and Wellness Trends To Discover This Year

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Kripalu in the Berkshires offers retreats of all manner. Photo courtesy of Kripalu.

Health and Wellness: Trends to Try and Where to Go

By Samantha Butts

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What are the trends that people are following in 2022 in the post-pandemic world? GoNOMAD spoke with Heather Mikesell, co-founder of Well Defined, a new health web portal, about some of the trends and places people are going these days.

At Well Defined, it is their mission to be your trusted source of wellness information and to empower people to make educated choices that positively impact and enhance their health and that of their businesses.

Mikesell said going to retreats and spas for your health and wellness offers “time to focus on yourself” and allows you to take a breath and step back.

Wellness also means leaning into opportunities and feeling safe wherever you travel. For peace of mind on all your wellness getaways, travel insurance can play a part to secure you in case of accident or calamity.

Focusing on your health at your wellness getaway doesn’t mean you want to worry about your health. Seven Corners Travel insurance can provide emergency medical care if you become ill or injured on your trip.

Non-touch services

“While healing touch has long been recognized as an important part of wellness travel, we’re now seeing non-touch services grow in popularity,” said Mikesell. “It’s no surprise when you consider the impact the pandemic had on the spa and wellness industry.”

This trend became especially popular after the start of the pandemic when people were not comfortable being touched. These non-touch services are great examples of how the spa industry has evolved and started implementing new technologies.

Today you can find a host of non-touch services, such as cryotherapy, infrared saunas, halotherapy, and more.

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort
Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Carillon In Miami

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort in Florida features a spa that offers these services. The resort is located on the sparkling beaches of Miami and has all you need for some time off.

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is the largest spa and wellness facility on the Eastern Seaboard. It elevates the traditional spa experience with medically focused treatments, unique therapies, and access to doctors and wellness experts all under the same roof.

The resort offers wellness treatments from cupping to cryotherapy as well as infrared saunas. At the heart of the resort is their Thermal Experience, which mirrors European wellness traditions. It uses the restorative properties of water to promote well-being.

The resort starts at $240 per night.

Breathwork and Courses in Breathing

Another popular trend this year is breathwork. There are places where you can take courses to learn to breathe properly, and much of yoga is focused on controlling your breathing to maximize relaxation.

According to Mikesell, the book “Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art” by journalist James Nestor helped shine a light on the importance of breathing. In it, he provides a personal, scientific, and historical examination of breathing, including the differences between nose and mouth breathing and the health ramifications of both.


Adaptogens, herbs used to fight stress, are frequently being served in spas these days. They have long been used in Ayurveda, a natural system of medicine originating in India.

Chillhouse Cafe
Chillhouse Cafe

Ashwagandha and maca are some popular adaptogens, which you can purchase as powders.

There is a unique spa called Chillhouse, which offers drinks that contain adaptogens, right in the heart of Soho in New York City. Its Chillhouse Café has something for everyone with its trendy menu. You can choose between their “Chill Lattes” made with adaptogenic powders and a regular cup of coffee.

At the cafe, you can also order boosters with vitamins, prebiotics, and collagens, and you can add toppings such as cayenne pepper, purple lavender, activated charcoal, and strawberry powder that all offer different health and wellness benefits..

Silent Retreats

Silent Retreats where participants go up to two weeks without speaking to another human have been going on for a long time. However, they have not lost their popularity and may be more important now than ever before.

rr labrynth 2022
Kripalu campus

Mikesell said, “there’s this sense that our focus is being taken from us” in this age of technology, phones, and social media. Silent retreats take us back and allow us to let our minds wander. This can improve attention spans and focus.

Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health has been holding Silent Retreats in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, for decades. The Kripalu faculty members Jess Frey, Erin Casperson, and Edi Pasalis offer three-day and five-day mid-week retreats. They guide you through the doorway of silence to cultivate present-moment awareness, something often lost in our day to day.

Your stay during the silent retreat includes daily yoga classes, three healthy meals, and access to the Kripalu grounds.

The three-day tuition costs $299 per person plus an additional price for meals and housing. The five-day tuition costs $429 plus room and meals. The resort has many options for rooms including shared rooms, rooms with a view, and different bed sizes.

Battle Burnout

Retreats with a focus on battling burnout is another popular wellness trend, said Mikesell. These retreats give people the tools they need to manage stress better.

The Art of Living Retreat Center has many programs that work to tackle symptoms of burnout such as stress, anxiety, and depression. Some of their programs work to help you find your inner peace.

With programs such as the Happiness Retreat, Silent Retreat, and Meditation Retreat, the Art of Living has something for everyone.

Gut Health

A focus on gut health has become another popular trend in the health and wellness community, according to Mikesell. Your gut health — how well you digest, absorb, and metabolize nutrients, and eliminate waste products — can affect your overall well-being, so it is important to keep it in check.

Canyon Ranch in Lenox, Massachusetts, has a program where you can work with a licensed medical dietitian/nutritionist to get your digestive health in order.

meditation wall
Couple meditation on the Great Lawn, photo courtesy of Canyon Ranch

With the nutritionist or dietitian, you will assess your diet and identify potential toxins or irritants. They will curate a personalized strategy to treat any digestive conditions or problems you may have.

They will offer recommendations about healing foods and necessary supplements and guide you toward better gut health.

The Importance of Health and Wellness Retreats

“Health and wellness retreats give people a chance to breathe and reevaluate where they are in their lives,” said Mikesell. “I think they’re really impactful when it comes to changing unhealthy habits and for people who need a reset.”

Mikesell said that these retreats are important because they allow you time for yourself. This gives people the opportunity to evaluate their lives and determine if they are actually where they want to be and, if they’re not, they can find a space to figure out where they do want to be.

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