Tips and Tricks for Luggage Storage on Vacation

Pack your bags! Luggage is an important aspect of travel and we're here to dive deeper.
Pack your bags! Luggage is an important aspect of travel and we’re here to dive deeper.

The Best Options for Luggage Storage on Vacation

By Kaelie Piscitello

Ever arrive at a vacation destination early and need help figuring out what to do with your luggage? Many travelers often face this problem when coming to a new city. Determining the safest place for your suitcases and backpacks can become complicated unless you drive your car to the destination.

Strangely enough, many viable options for stashing bags exist because the luggage storage industry is growing. Investments in luggage storage companies increase every day. Companies, such as Nannybag and Bounce and , offer places for travelers to keep their belongings all over the world, making storing luggage a piece of cake in the internet age. In addition to these companies, there are some general tricks every traveler should know.

Store Your Luggage in a Hotel

Fun fact: many hotels and hostels offer free luggage storage. This option is often included before check-in and after check-out. Even if you do not reserve a bed in a particular hotel, the hotel staff might be willing to hold your belongings.

Calling ahead and double-checking a hotel’s luggage policy never hurt anyone. Some hotels only allow people to store their luggage during specific hours. Other hotels charge a pre-check-in fee. Travelers should consider these important factors when leaving their items with a hotel.

Plenty of airports have place to store luggage and can provide convenience for travelers.
Airport spaces for travelers to store their luggage.

Store Your Luggage at the Airport

Most airports own luggage lockers for travelers. The locker spaces have low costs, and sometimes airports offer a luggage delivery service where staff brings suitcases to people’s hotels.

Information to consider before storing luggage at an airport:

Sometimes airport locations are far away from where the traveler plans to go. This can cause problems when a city lacks public transportation, or travelers do not have a way to return for their belongings.

Additionally, some airports place size restrictions on bags due to the locker capacities, and if you pack too much, you’re out of luck.

Luggage storage can be made simpler by consulting resources.
Display of luggage of different sizes

Bounce Luggage Storage

Though many hotels offer people the opportunity to store their luggage free before check-in and after check-out, many people now stay in Airbnb that do not offer a luggage drop-off option. Bounce Luggage Storage provides a solution to this problem.

Bounce offers travelers a place to store their belongings at an affordable rate, they are active in over 9,000 locations worldwide. The company works with local and large businesses around the globe, turning many places within different businesses into luggage storage.

This brings in more revenue for small businesses and provides customers with greater location flexibility.

According to Nikita Frampton, Bounce’s growth manager Bounce has “more choice and flexibility in where you leave your bags, which minimizes additional hassle later in the day.”

So, if a traveler cannot leave their luggage with a hotel because they decided to stay in an Airbnb accommodation, they can choose Bounce as an alternative option.

Travelers can use the Bounce App to book a convenient storage partner and receive confirmation of the booking. Frampton explains that most locations “are open late or 24/7, so there’s added flexibility if users have an early start or are waiting to catch the red-eye to their next destination.”


Nannybag offers more safe places for luggage as it also partners with businesses in 200 cities around the globe to store people’s belongings.

Nannybag insures their customers’ luggage by protecting each bag against damage, loss, and theft for up to 1000 Euros. Similar to Bounce, Nannybag also has an app that allows customers to make bookings easily. Additionally, Nannybag takes suitcases of any size.

Travelers can also leave their bags with their “nanny” for up to one month if they book a longer stay. Though many other luggage storage options exist, Nannybag offers some added benefits.

City by City

Different cities also offer their own types of luggage storage for travelers. According to Alex Berger, a travel blogger, large lockers are available at Barcelona’s airport for 5.60 Euros per day. In LA, travelers can also leave their bags at LAX. There, you can pick up your belongings yourself, or have LAX deliver it to you for a cost.

Before going to Hollywood, look up local businesses that offer luggage storage. There are many around, and they’re even close to tourist hot spots! New York City does not have any luggage-storage-specific businesses; however, both Bounce and Nannybag have locations there. Finally, though you cannot store your luggage at Logan Airport in Boston, Rowes Wharf Taxi Terminal and  South Station both have places to leave your things.

Packing light is an essential skill for traveling, especially when you don't know where to put your bags.
An example of light packing–a traveler packs what they consider important

Other Tips for Storing Luggage

Pack light

Shocker: not every trip requires you to bring everything you own. It sounds wild, but you will not need to worry about storing your luggage if you carry a backpack. Many museums offer coatrooms with places to store bags, and some attractions you want to see during sightseeing do not have bag policies.

For example, many outside tourist attractions, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris, are visitable with or without luggage. While going on your vacation, bag-free is nice you can backpack around for a day with proper planning.

Check Out Local Transit Stations Besides Airports

In addition to airports, train stations and some boating docks also offer locker storage for luggage. Train stations situate themselves closer to city centers and places travelers want to stay. This provides travelers with optimal locations for keeping their luggage close to accommodations. Train station lockers also have reasonable prices and allow people to hold belongings in a secure space during day trips and side excursions outside of cities.

Suitcases and Bags for Travelers

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