Grab My Bag: Perfect Solution to Baggage Claim Hassle

Disappointed Businessman That Missed His Meeting Because He Didn't Book Grab My Bag Inc. Grab My Bag Photos.
A disappointed businessman that missed his meeting because he didn’t book Grab My Bag Inc. Grab My Bag Photos.

Grab My Bag: They’ll Grab Your Bag for You!

By Megan Mentuck

If you’re an avid traveler, you’ve likely had to deal with the hassle that is baggage claim at the airport.

Emory Reignz CEO & Founder of Grab My Bag. Grab My Bag Photos.
Emory Reignz CEO & Founder of Grab My Bag. Grab My Bag Photos.

With baggage checks inconveniently located in many airports, the possibility of your bags being lost, and the fact that sometimes you just don’t have enough hands to carry everything, baggage claim can be a tiresome and taxing experience for travelers.

Grab My Bag is a company looking to fix this problem.

By providing some cursory flight information and reserving a “grabber” ahead of time, you will no longer have to worry about baggage claim issues.

They’ll handle it for you!

GoNOMAD spoke with Emory Reignz, the CEO and founder of Grab My Bag.

How Does it Work?

Grab My Bag can be reserved ahead of time through their website. They’ll be launching an app soon too where customers will be able to access their services.

After providing your basic flight details, you can then choose where you want your bags dropped off, and Grab My Bag will handle it from there.

Baggage Claim

Grab My Bag can drop your bags off wherever you are located—whether that be at a hotel, university, convention center, or even your own home.

If any crises arise, they will contact you directly with any information and handle communication with the airport, themselves so that you can enjoy your trip.

Reignz said, “The biggest advantage [of Grab My Bag] is getting your life back.”

Based in Atlanta—The Busiest Airport in the U.S.

Currently, Grab My Bag is available at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Reignz decided to launch her business from Atlanta because it is the busiest airport in the United States.

However, if you have a flight coming up in a different airport, don’t worry. Grab My Bag is planning to expand very quickly and soon.

They plan to set up shop in the LA area, D.C. metro area, Miami, and hopefully the northern United States, as well.

For now, their services will only be offered on domestic flights because international flights have a lot more hoops to jump through when it comes to airport security.

Grab My Bag Inc's vision of travelers at airport baggage claim in the future. Grab My Bag Photos.
Grab My Bag Inc’s vision of travelers at airport baggage claim in the future. Grab My Bag Photos.

However, you may be interested to know that if your international flight has a layover domestically, Grab My Bag can still help.

Why Reignz Came up With this Solution

When I asked Reignz why she came up with this solution, she informed me that she is an avid traveler and has had to deal with all of the problems that can arise when you check a bag.

One instance that really encouraged her idea for this solution occurred during the pandemic when Reignz had two unexpected international flights. She had to fly out of the country and then fly home sooner than expected.

When she landed back in Atlanta, she was equipped with nine bags meaning she had to take multiple trips to her hotel to get everything back there.

Grab My Bag Inc Logo. Grab My Bag Photos.
Grab My Bag Inc Logo. Grab My Bag Photos.

She was also racing against the clock to get all of her stuff and get to the rental car company before they closed.

This whole arduous ordeal inspired Reignz to create Grab My Bag.

Affordable Pricing

Grab My Bag is for the average person. Booking a flight and planning a trip can be expensive—Grab My Bag takes this in to account with their pricing.

Their pricing starts at $35 for 1-2 bags, $65 for 3-4 bags, and $120 for 5+ bags.

Grab My Bag pricing is comparable to the price of checking a bag, which usually ends up being around $25 to $35.

Official Launch Date

Grab My Bag’s official launch date is June 19th; however, they are already taking bookings sooner than that date. Reignz said, “We can grab right now!”

So, if you have a flight coming up at the Atlanta airport before June 19th, you can still make a reservation with Grab My Bag on their website.

In fact, right now, the company has a free upgrade going on.

First “Grab My Bag” Customer
The first Grab My Bag customer loved the experience according to Reignz. In fact, the first customer’s baggage ordeal highlighted the need for the Grab My Bag services.

When the first customer arrived in Atlanta on a Wednesday, her bag was actually delayed and she was not able to get it until Sunday.

Under normal circumstances, she would have had to deal with that hassle, but with Grab My Bag she was able to enjoy herself while Grab My Bag handled the luggage ordeal with the airport and got her bags to her when they arrived.

Be A Grabber

Grab My Bag is currently hiring!

If you’re in the Atlanta area and looking for independent contracting work, you can sign up to be a driver.

One benefit to working with Grab My Bag is that they have set pricing at 20$ a delivery. As a driver, you then also can make a tip on top of that amount.

luggage stack
Luggage Stack

Reignz told me, “I think that people should know that we are about making this process a win-win for everyone.” This includes their drivers!

Enjoy Your Trip Without the Stress

Whether you’re going on a vacation or flying from work, you don’t want to deal with any additional stresses or frustrations.

With Grab My Bag, you can land and get right to enjoying your new surroundings.

Reignz put it quite simply saying, “You just want to get on your flight, go, and be happy.”

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