English Summer Schools to Expand Your Mind

The magnificent Oxford quad great for summer schools learning.
The magnificent Oxford quad.

Summer is the Season to Brush Up on Your Shakespeare or Learn Philosophy in England: College Summer Schools

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

Camila at Yale University in the U.S for summer schools
Camila at Yale University in the U.S.

St Andrews in Scotland, or Cambridge University in England. London or Yale University. Choose your favorite and dive into a summer filled with education.

Oxford Royale Academy is one of the UK’s leading providers of international summer schools and year-round university preparation programs.

If you’ve been wanting to add a degree to your resume or just want to study in the world’s best Universities, these college summer programs are for you.

Oxford Royale Academy is the UK’s premier summer school for international students, offering world-class academic and cultural programs in Oxford, Cambridge, London, and St Andrews.

Oxford Royale Academy

Oxford’s summer line-up allows students to choose wherever they most want to study. The Academy’s website outlines dozen s of opportunities and a wide choice of subjects. Twenty different academic institutions are listed and are among the places you can select for summer study.

Yale University. photo: Visit New Haven
Yale University. photo: Visit New Haven

Many of their American students have raved about how much fun they had studying for two weeks in Oxford England, and visiting the famous Blenheim Palace, and other famous UK sights.

An Oxford Experience

Camila attended  Oxford for a summer session last year. She raved about her time at the prestigious university.

“What can I say about my experience with Oxford Royale Summer Schools? It’s hard to describe the amazing experience that I had. I met many people from different nationalities.

Dining Hall at Christ Church Oxford.
Dining Hall at Christ Church Oxford.

This course taught me to respect people’s different cultures and it gave me the chance to learn about them.

It also gave me the opportunity to improve different qualities I have, like developing my confidence. As the course went on my friendship with my friends grew.

Positive Change

“I would recommend everyone to do this course because it’s a great experience that you should have and will help you with your future education.”

Choose Your Preferred Summer School Location

Oxford Royale holds summer universities at many different locations, in Scotland, England and the United States. Here are five other opportunities to study and learn this summer at the world’s best colleges.

Marlborough College

From Arts and Crafts to Landscapes and Literature, Marlborough College’s Summer School in the UK offers many choices for both children and adults.

Marlborough offers classes of all kinds for all ages in England.

At Marlborough College, you can enjoy ‘brainfood’ while your children get a chance to enjoy their own activities.

From the college website, the courses are explained. “Summer School welcomes young people to our action-packed, fun-filled courses either as day students or as residents with their families.

Tutors, Too

With the dedication of our pastoral tutors, we will ensure everyone settles in well and friendships are quickly made giving parents, grandparents, and guardians that all-important peace of mind. Throughout the week, 9 to 17-year-olds can also enjoy supervised entertainment from 5 pm. Activities can include anything from treasure hunts to getting a soaking on our waterslides.

Granta Academy in Cambridge
Granta Academy in Cambridge

The Granta Academy

Granta was founded in Cambridge England in 2017 by Adam Schumacher, a native of the city.

“Adam’s passion for his hometown first manifested in the form of Cambridge Alumni Tours, a highly successful walking tour company he founded in 2013.

Adam Schumacher
Adam Schumacher

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and deep-seated desire to connect visitors with the beauty and intrigue of Cambridge life, he designed and implemented infrastructure for walking tours led by graduates and current students.”

One on One like Oxbridge

Today students can study a wide array of disciplines at the college, from literature to biochemistry. “Prioritising one-on-one teaching in the true Oxbridge tutorial fashion, and endeavoring to expose students to the rich research and cultural life of Cambridge, Granta far surpasses the standard.”

Classes and accommodation are held at the University of Cambridge college. However, The Granta Academy is not endorsed by or part of the University of Cambridge.

Granta Academy 05 Great Northern Rd
Cambridge, UK CB1 2FY

castle ruins in St Andrews Scotland.
Castle ruins in St Andrews, Scotland.

St Andrews in Scotland

St Andrews is famous, of course, as it is where the sport of golf was born. But this seaside town has much to offer, as Cliff McCain described in a story about St. Andrews on GoNOMAD Travel.

The famous university here has a full slate of non-credit summer courses you can dive into.

These courses are taught by full-time members of the faculties of the University and are open to students and individuals from around the world.

Students in the quad at Oxford University in England.
Students in the quad at Oxford University in England.

For students who are interested in experiencing what it is like to study at the University of St Andrews or are looking for a taste of university life, a summer school may be the perfect opportunity.

St Andrews

Phone: +44 (0)1334 46 2255

Boost Your Career, Get Educated

Many people are discovering that they need to boost their academic degrees to get ahead in their careers.

If you are hankering for a little more ‘brainfood’ this summer, contact Oxford Royale Academy and get your journey started in 2021.

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