Sonja Stark

Sonja Stark is an award-winning, freelance videographer and the founder of PilotGirl Productions. She shoots professional 4K video for top-rated television productions, shows and documentaries. She is GoNOMAD's most regular blogger, click to read her latest post about travel and life in video.

sarawak village

Sarawak’s Rainforest Music Festival

A Muddy, Memorable Music Festival in Malaysia By Sonja Stark GoNOMAD Senior Writer Twenty-two hours and several time zones from JFK airport, it’s a Muslim country as well. Being a female traveler I packed conservatively thinking I would experience oppressive inequality if I dared to look different. I intended to…


Touring Carcassone in the South of France

Ancient Bones, Fine Wine and Fairy-Tale Castles “Racing around circular stone staircases and wooden tunnels atop the Bastille, envisioning heretics and horsemen attacking from the other side, that really struck a nerve in my travel soul.” by Sony Stark Unhurried pleasures and fairy-tale photography await you in Carcassone and the…

Vic a blue badge guide in Lincolnshire, England.

Lincolnshire, England: Two Thousand Years of History

By Sonja Stark Foreign travel fuels the soul and lights the imagination, and nowhere is this truer than in Lincolnshire, England. The Northeast is home to incredible secrets and romantic adventures. Lincolnshire Blue Badge Guide Vic Hughes sums it up nicely. “It’s the center of the universe… It’s absolutely one…


Argentina’s Iguassu Falls: Niagara’s Big Brother

Argentina’s Iguassu Falls: Niagara’s Big Brother By Sonja S. Stark One hundred million years ago the product of a gigantic volcanic cataclysm created one of the world’s most beautiful sights in South America: Iguassu Falls. Straddled on the southern border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay, Iguassu is a traveler’s favorite…

brazil salvador

Salvador, Brazil: Second Port of Call

Around the World in 100 Days Editor’s note: Videographer Sony Stark has embarked on a world tour aboard the MV Explorer to make a documentary about Semester At Sea, a program of the Institute for Shipboard Education. Second Port of Call: Salvador, Brazil By Sony Stark Salvador, Brazil is known…

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