Sonja Stark

Sonja Stark is an award-winning, freelance videographer and the founder of PilotGirl Productions. She shoots professional 4K video for top-rated television productions, shows and documentaries. She is GoNOMAD's most regular blogger, click to read her latest post about travel and life in video.

brazil salvador

Salvador, Brazil: Second Port of Call

Around the World in 100 Days Editor’s note: Videographer Sony Stark has embarked on a world tour aboard the MV Explorer to make a documentary about Semester At Sea, a program of the Institute for Shipboard Education. Second Port of Call: Salvador, Brazil By Sony Stark Salvador, Brazil is known…

sony tutu

South Africa: My Favorite Country So Far

By Sonja Stark Cape Town: A beautiful city Cape Town, South Africa is one of the most beautiful cities in the world; extremely cosmopolitan, safe and everyone speaks English. We’ve been at sea for seven days so dropping anchor here, in a westernized country, is equivalent to coming home. It’s…

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