Mridula Dwivedi

I am Mridula Dwivedi and I started blogging on 'Travel Tales from India' in June 2005. I renamed it Travel Tales from India & Abroad in 2016. Within a few months of the launch my travel blog found a mention on both the BBC and The Guardian. I also featured in a National Geographic Skoda Yeti Video. I was recently featured on I quit my job as a professor in May 2015. I am having a blast ever since. I do not miss my work but sometime I do miss my salary! Somewhere along the journey I ended up acquiring a Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur! I now wonder why?

tigress at pench 1

India: Viewing Tigers Up Close

Meeting Tigers in Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh, India by Mridula Dwivedi I met a Jeep full of school children, their eyes shining with awe. They were waving their cell phones to me mouthing, “we saw the tiger, we saw the tiger”. Our naturalist Ramesh Rana from Taj Safaris managed…

Bundi Reflections

Kipling’s Bundi: Peacocks and Palaces in Rajasthan

Bindi: Where the Mowgli Writer Stayed By Mridula Dwivedi When my nephew Sunil and I visited the Sukh Mahal (Palace of Comfort would be the rough translation) at Bundi, the caretaker who opened the room filled with paintings told me (in Hindi), “This is where the Mowgli writer stayed.” I…


Goa on Foot: A Trek to Remember

By Mridula Dwivedi Goa in December is magnificent. The weather is heavenly and the beaches majestic. But there is a heavy tourist inflow too, which means crowded beaches, premium prices for everything and not a single hotel room vacant. But when we got an opportunity to trek in Goa, through…

Della Camps India

Lonavala, India: A Trip to Della Adventure

By Mridula Dwivedi Going by the name, I thought Della would be all about adventure activities but it was much more than that. This trip became possible because of the magic that sometimes happens via emails. I got an invitation from Della Adventure to spend a weekend with them at…

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