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David Rich is GoNOMAD's most intrepid writer, braving blizzards, monsoons, desert heat and State Department travel advisories to visit the world's most out-of-the-way places from the Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan to the wilds of Borneo to the Harley-Davidson Rally Week in Sturgis, South Dakota. He lives in Glendale AZ where his latest passion is flying his own plane. Click the link to see all of his books, including RV the World, The Isis Affair and Myths of the Tribe on Amazon.

Mud Mosque

Mali: Djenne, Vivid Colors and Timbuktu

By David Rich There are places you always want to go back to, that were so dang good you couldn’t get enough; Mali is at the top of my list. In a Word, Color The single key word is color; sheer unadulterated cacophonies of vividness to put Sherwin Williams to…

david rich burning man

David Rich’s Burning Man Photo Gallery

Burning happens around Labor Day at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. It’s been going on for 30 plus years and it takes a great deal of perseverance to survive, since there are dust storms and you can’t even dispose of water at your campsite. Photos by David Rich

Philippe at the wheel. photos by David Rich.

France with ze French Chef

Rocamadour, at an angle. photos by David Rich. France with Ze French Chef By David Rich Contrary to what your mom told you, always talk to strangers. Then like me you may meet a personal tour guide for France, a grumpy Brit for traveling Sudan and Ethiopia, a Kyrgyz German…

charyn canyon climb

Beyond Borat: Discovering the Real Kazakhstan

By David Rich Walking around Kazakhstan’s former capital of Almaty was like walking into a convention of female Russian tennis stars, streets strewn with willowy lasses cavorting in short skirts swirling icy blonde hair, a welcome change to the natural expectation that most everyone would resemble unglamorous buffoons, aka Borat….

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