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Be Your Own Travel Agent with Traveloris

By Sierra Sumner

“Every time I travel to a new country or city, I have to spend hours researching: what are the best things to do, where is everything located relative to each other, how much does everything cost, and how do I get around?

I started Traveloris to fix that,” says Daniel Blickling, the CEO, a new travel booking site based in Australia.

Traveloris has itineraries for your future visit to London
Traveloris has itineraries for your future visit to London

Traveloris is a travel site intended to let youhave complete control of what you want to do on your trip. This means you “get to do the fun part and get excited about what you want to do.” Each city you go to has “must do’s” and you can schedule your vacation just to your liking.

Why Traveloris?

Similar to Tripadvisor, Traveloris offers you many options and prices for traveling, but the comparison stops there. Other companies provide thousands of things to do in an area and it’s up to you to do all the research.

At Traveloris, the goal is make everything easier for you, with sample itineraries and popular attractions right at your fingertips; the site wants to take away the extensive planning and research so that you can get right to “the fun part,” the traveling.

“We’re not taking any shortcuts,” says Blickling.

Right now, the site is specializing in typical city locations, in England, America, and India. Cities are easier to plan for: there’s public transportation and the areas are filled with worth-while places to visit. In the future, the company hopes to create day-trip itineraries to get outside the city and see even more.

Blickling finds places to go based on either personal experience or through bloggers. Every six months, attractions are checked for their currency, and research is done.

It allows people to create their own customized itinerary and then share it with others. You can view others’ plans;  you can then save it and share or copy it and change it to fit your desires. You can even blog about it. It’s to “fit the user and be more seamless,” says Blickling.

How Traveloris Began

Rome is a big destination for Traveloris users
Rome is a big destination for Traveloris users

The site officially launched July this year. It all began in 2012, when the idea was created and developing began in August 2015. It’s all about the “user experience.” This means Blickling considers the interactiveness of the site, such as does it add value? Do we automate it? Does it simply make sense?

A New Look for Traveloris

Traveloris has recently updated its website to make it even easier to navigate and explore. The newest update came out this December, where the homepage has been changed to a more simple, minimalist view.

You immediately see the dates and people, so you can choose everything that you start. Now you also can use Google Street View as you plan your trip to get a firsthand view of the streets.

In an upcoming release, the site will be again redesigned and continued to be improved. This means taking into consideration people’s budget, dates, and the users themselves more into consideration.


Traveloris helps you keep up with what’s happening nearby you. This means you can view festivals, concerts, sports, and other events all on the website. You can share these events for free with others. In the future, the site hopes to promote events and set up a payment gateway that allows users to book through Traveloris itself.

Hear It From Users Themselves

“I planned my trip to Paris using Traveloris. It saved me time, money, and a heck of a lot of frustration! Their hand-picked attractions make planning your perfect trip extremely easy. Traveloris really is the perfect Paris trip planner, I’ll be using them again.” -Julie Beckers, Travel Blogger. A Not So Young Women Abroad

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain

“When I went to London Traveloris made planning so easy and stress free! I absolutely love their click and drag scheduler. Traveloris really is the best London Trip Planner and thanks to them I saw and experienced things I wouldn’t have otherwise. Awesome work!” – Tom Poland, Happy Customer

“Combine the New York Pass with Traveloris and you’re set!” – The New York Pass

The Future

Eventually, the plan is to create an app for Traveloris. This way, people will be able to access their itinerary offline and check out places nearby while on vacation. Right now, however, the company is focusing on user-friendliness on its website, to “create something and see what people say about it.”

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