All Aboard the Luxurious Golden Eagle Across Iran

One of the most beautiful cities in Iran, Isfahan, is famous for its lovely bridges.
One of the most beautiful cities in Iran, Isfahan, is famous for its lovely bridges.

Discover the Heart of Persia on a Railway Journey Through Iran

By Carson McGrath

The Golden Eagle, a train in Iran. Image from MIR Corporation.
The Golden Eagle, a train in Iran. Image from MIR Corporation.

The Golden Eagle Luxury Trains, partners with MIR Corporation, offer a two week adventure throughout some beautiful, historical places in Iran.

The train company is the world’s leading rail specialist in long distance luxury rail journeys, according to Natasha Baker, Sales and Marketing Manager at Golden Eagle Luxury trains.

Operating for about 27 years, Baker said the Golden Eagle aims to bring new, off the beaten path destinations to the market for a variety of customers. I mean, how many of GoNOMAD’s readers have ever seen the sites of Iran? Not many.

Modern Comfort on the Golden Eagle 

The Grand mosque at Isfahan, Iran. Max Hartshorne photo.

The Golden Eagle Heart of Persia trip allows passengers to remain in the luxurious comforts of the modern age while traveling through Iran’s cities, desserts, and other designated locations.

“That’s the beauty of the train really, you are taking the five-star hotel around with you,” said Baker. According to the MIR website, the Iran trips accommodate between 35 to 65 passengers on board.

Image from Golden Eagle Luxury Trains.
Image from Golden Eagle Luxury Trains.

According to Baker, the first private train journey that included Iran was back in 2014, starting in Europe from Budapest, Turkey, and into Iran. Because of the high demand for Iran as a destination sight for the trip, the company started a complete trip within Iran, the Heart of Persia.

The trip begins in Tehran, the capital of the country located in the north. Stops along the way include the Golestan Palace with its “mirror-encrusted Marble Throne Hall”, the holy shrine Imam Reza in Mashhad, and what is known to be one of the oldest cities in the world, Yazd, to name a few.

Comfort and Adventure

Baker explained the allure of visiting Iran by train, “[Customers] generally have

Mashhad, Iran. Image from:
Mashhad, Iran. Image from:

an adventurous spirit, they want to see these destinations but perhaps they are at an age that they prefer to do it within the comfort of a luxury train and part of an organized tour group.” Baker said the average age of voyagers is between 60 to 70 years old.

Though at first, some travelers are hesitant and cautious when they arrive in Iran, Joanna Millick, MIR Corporation’s Director of Sales, said once they find themselves immersed in the culture and the people they feel comfortable and welcomed.

“They [Iranians] will spend the time welcoming you…. The government talk does not represent how the Iranian people feel,” said Millick.

Millick said the railway journey is ideal for passengers who not only want to travel comfortably, but also want to see as many destinations as possible, and sees many individuals who are already railway adventurers take the Heart of Persia trip. As opposed to flying around the country, she believes that the train allows tourists to pack as much adventure as possible into the trip.

“This train trip really enables you to see so much more of Iran, so many more destinations in two weeks,” Millick said.

Passengers are able to travel through deserts in the middle of the night and wake up in beautiful cities for them to explore during the day.

Other events include the Golden Eagle’s signature caviar dinner aboard the train, as well as authentic cuisine of the area served to passengers.

Image from Golden Eagle Luxury Train.
Image from Golden Eagle Luxury Train.

If a one of a kind railway journey through Iran sounds like your type of trip, the visit the Golden Eagle website.

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