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1Team Fitness offers guests new ways to exercise each day photo by 1Team Fitness

Explore These Fitness Retreats Around the World

By Kristen Richard

When prioritizing work over healthy living we can often slip into unhealthy patterns trying to keep up with hectic schedules. These unhealthy patterns can be hard to break and eventually take a toll on our physical and mental health.

To break the unhealthy cycle or to learn how to work for the body that you want, consider making your next vacation a fitness retreat. Here are some examples of places that offer participants a chance to work out, lose weight, and get back on track to healthier living.

Bella Boot Camp gets participants outside at their fitness retreats, photo by Bella Boot Camp.
Bella Boot Camp gets participants outside, photo by Bella Boot Camp.

Bella Boot Camp

Bella Boot Camp is located at Seagate Hotel & Spa in Delray Beach, Florida. Women and men are welcome, the camp does require one to be at least twenty if they are attending alone.

The Fitness Retreats’ motto is, “get out of the gym and into the outdoors.” This means using the beach, parks, and any local area outside where classes can be held.

The camp offers packages of 3-6 nights or their specialty retreat from 6-10 nights.

The camp also has an indoor studio for fitness classes. The camp has a vigorous schedule of 5 classes 1Team Fitness. per day in which everyone participates. Some of those classes include cardio kickboxing, sports conditioning, medicine ball training, ballet, yoga, pilates, and more.

Getting Back on Track

The classes are designed for people looking to lose some inches and for people who are focused on getting back on track of exercising daily. The classes are intense but it can be modified to fit all levels of fitness.

1Team Fitness Retreats
1Team Fitness on the beach working out.

In addition to exercise, the Camp also provides guests with nutrition information to help create healthier eating habits.

Each guest’s package comes with a choice of one spa treatment or one health counseling session. In the counseling session, the guest’s lifestyle is assessed to include nutrition, fitness, and stress reduction.

Emily, of Florida, says, “Dear Margot, You and your team have been an inspiration to me! Thank you for taking the time to put this retreat together for us! I am so inspired by your drive to live your passion. I will definitely be back! I will highly recommend this to my friends.”

As for accommodation guests will be staying in luxury at the Seagate Hotel.

The camp is one of the original fitness retreats in the United States. It is energetic and works to create rejuvenated and well-balanced lives.

To learn more visit their website.

1Team Fitness Ultimate Retreat

Different fitness retreats offer a variety of exercises.
Different retreats offer a variety of exercises.

Different retreats offer a variety of exercises. 1Team Fitness Ultimate Retreat is located in Clearwater Beach, FL. Guests stay at the Sand Pearl Resort,  right on the Gulf of Mexico.

The Fitness Retreat is open to both fitness-minded people and to people new to fitness. The retreat offers a number of packages including, family, bride-to-be, couples, women only, and men only.

Participants can book for any amount of time that they please. While their guests, receive education classes for healthy eating for when their stay at the retreat is complete.

Each day guests receive three gourmet calorie-conscious meals a day.

Guests can expect something different every day. Some examples of activities guests might participate in are beach boot camps, spin, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, indoor surfing, indoor rock climbing, yoga, TRX, Pilates, cardio blast, trampoline fitness, and more. Guests receive 5-6 hours with a fitness trainer. You can take what you learned with your trainer and get yourself the best trampoline to continue at home!

When not exercising guests can enjoy the luxury of the Sand Pearl Resort, where they will be staying.

Chrissy of Miami, FL said, “ 1Team Fitness changed me. When I began my weight loss journey I was focused on losing weight and just getting skinny. Once I began training with 1Team Fitness, I discovered a love for fitness. With their guidance I realized that I didn’t want to just be skinny, I wanted to be strong, physically and mentally.”

Guests are also given their own fitness plan to continue when they leave. The Retreat will check up on them frequently to make sure they are achieving their fitness goals.

To learn more about 1Team Fitness check out their website. 

Journey across the world, across the USA, or across town to start a better and healthier lifestyle. Visit Real Adventures to find a fitness program in a location that is right for you.


Kristen Richard
writes from Massachusetts. When she is not writing she enjoys photography, running, biking, horseback riding, and finding new places to travel.

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