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Triposo lists the tops attractions, accommodations, eateries and more of over 45,000 destinations. Turin, Italy was featured on Triposo's 'Destination Of the Week' in September. Triposo Photos.
Triposo lists the tops attractions, accommodations, eateries, and more of over 45,000 destinations. Turin, Italy was featured on Triposo’s ‘Destination Of the Week’ in September. Triposo Photos.

Triposo offers maps you can use without the Internet

Use the app to search your favorite destination and plan a trip all at once.
Use the app to search your favorite destination and plan a trip all at once.

By Danielle Aihini

Why not make it easier and keep it all on one app?

That’s where Triposo comes into play. The ‘ultimate travel guide’ and the personal assistant you wish you always had, this iPhone and Android app will ‘help you decide where to sleep, what to see and what to do.’

And the most beautiful part: you can book your trip effortlessly with a click here and a click there. You can also use the map functions WITHOUT BEING ONLINE!!

For Americans traveling abroad, facing steep roaming charges in their phone, this is a Godsend!

I am currently in Massachusetts using the app offline and it still identifies my location on the map! It’s a super convenient way to use the map without connecting to WiFi, which tends to happen when you’re in the midst of traveling.

The app, just a free download away, works offline and lists over 45,000 destinations in almost every country.

Use the app to search your favorite destination and plan a trip all at once. With nine tabs open on my computer and 15 phone numbers written down, my brain is about to explode. Planning a trip is not only tiring but also difficult when you need to book a restaurant near the hotel you want to tay in right next to the museum you have to visit.

It comes with detailed maps and city walks, guides to attractions and sights, hotel information, a list of the best bars, clubs, shops and restaurants and smart suggestions to open the doors to hidden gems.

Phuket Town in Thailand, another 'Destination Of The Week' was featured in September.
Phuket Town in Thailand, another ‘Destination Of The Week’ was featured in September.

The service also lets you book a reservation for hotels and tickets for attractions and guided tours with an easy checkout process.
I decided to download Triposo to see just how effective it really is. The ‘smart travel guide’ opens up to a list of recommended places from The United Kingdom to Albania to Venice.

I clicked Venice and the page displayed the local time, a seven day forecast, suggestions for popular sights and food and drinks, and the currency conversion.

The layout makes planning a trip as simple as writing your name; maybe I’ll take the suggested walk across Cannaregio and Castello with over 15 highlighted points to explore or pay a visit to Bacaro Jazz, a smooth jazz bar with popular cocktails and Italian wines.

The Venice page also lists places to sleep with the average price per night, ratings and an overview of the hotel.

The app provides detailed maps that are accessible offline.
The app provides detailed maps that are accessible offline.

Hotel Torino just off Calle Larga XXII Marzo, the main shopping street in the city, offers rooms for $134 a night and let’s me book right from the app. It even lists interesting places nearby like the Piazza San Marco and St. Mark’s Basilica.

The app combines travel information from Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Wikivoyage and OpenStreetMaps and spreads it among thousands of destinations worldwide.

I searched Croatia, a place I’ve been longing to visit, and was able to read about Dubrovnik, an old city in the south of the country, under the Wikivoyage Inspiration tab that is available for every destination.

It gives me an extensive background on the city, things to see and do, transportation options and any tourist information you may need.

Did you know that in 1418, slave trade was abolished in the State of Dubrovnik? Neither did I! Thanks Triposo!

The app recently introduced new features including ApplePay, an alternative way to buy tickets and book hotel rooms and the “Track” service where you can select a city walk or guide and as you explore the area, Triposo will send notifications anytime you near a place you may be interested in visiting.

The app also added a new inspiration section with more up-to-date articles for every destination.

Maybe I’m planning a trip to London but don’t know where to stay or what to see. I can read thousands of reviews on the Premier Inn London County Hall and book my stay right on the app.

With a list of ‘Interesting Places Nearby,’ I can read about the London Dungeon, a tourist attraction that recreates the history of the area, and for $33.37 each, I can buy tickets on the same page.

It also provides the user with contacts and directions. If you still need time to verify any plans with your family and friends, you can save places you may want to refer back to.

This is one of the first travel apps I have tested that does such a successful job assembling so much up-to-date information on thousands of destinations and neatly arranges it into one place.

Triposo is a useful tool and reference to keep in your back pocket on any adventure.

In 2017, Triposo was acquired by Musement, a European travel company. Triposo will continue operating from Amsterdam, adding an extra location to Musement’s existing offices in Milan, London, Barcelona, New York and Dubai. 

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