Making Friends for Dinner with VizEat

Tea Party in Thailand with VizEat.
Tea Party in Thailand with VizEat.

VizEat: Eat Where You Visit

By Jamie Kimmel

“Welcome friends!”

VizEat is a global community of hosts who are eager to welcome guests to their tables to experience new cultures and new taste sensations. If you’re ready to explore new tastes and new cultures, you’re at the right place!

Our hosts are especially excited to meet new people, travelers and out-of-towners to enjoy good food and good company. Wherever you’re from in the world, the VizEat community is happy to welcome you.

Whether you’re a Master Chef or a novice, what matters most is the experience!

Imagine sharing a delicious breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner with good company? Now you can with VizEat; if you prefer a cocktail or a light meal – you can certainly enjoy it all with us.

Our platform is safe & secure, so you can rest assured that your VizEat experience will be hassle-free and lots of fun.

All of our guests and hosts are verified and we use verified reviews and ratings system in addition to our secure payments system.

At we turn meals into experiences – join us today!”

What it is

VizEat is a global community of people who like to get together and enjoy good food. Hosts and guests are featured all over the world. Let us say you are planning a trip to—Milan? If you would like to get a taste of the local culture as well as the food, you log into your VizEat account and book a meal at a Milan local’s house.

VizEat is essentially a food social networking system that allows hosts to negotiate what their prices are and guests can inform hosts of dietary restrictions and any necessary accommodations.

VizEat Vegetarians in Berlin
VizEat Vegetarians in Berlin

As mentioned before, VizEat is an international booking system for meals. However, at this time, the United States and Canada are not covered under the VizEat insurance. The insurance covers all cases where guest or host liability is called into question.

Culture of Food

Through the site, one can be a host or guest (or both). The guest can choose when, where and what kind of food they will enjoy. This creates for an authentic local dining experience when traveling.

People can really get a feel for how the selected culture revolves around enjoying their food. Guests may find that food influences culture more than they previously believed.

Each society defines its own food standards; what should be consumed regularly and what must never be eaten for fear of turning into an animal or a monster, for instance.

Natural resources of whatever you can see from your rooftop have long been the means for survival thus evolving into a food culture that can influence a region’s taste sensitivities, preferences, life perspective and so many other characteristics of a nation’s “personality”.


Hosts provide pictures of their home, surroundings, and of course, menus! Although hosts are not required to describe their menus within their profile, they can be privately messaged directly on the site. Hosts can also choose to hold meal based events.

They set their own prices which are displayed with a picture of what they are offering.

Micaela Italian dish
Michaela’s Italian entree.

Here is an example of a typical host’s profile:



Spoken languages: Italian, English

Profession: Communications Consultant

General Amenities
Access for wheelchair users
Air conditioning
Elevator in the building
Nearby Public transport
Nearby Taxi station

I Host With
My family

Who is Micaela?
I love cooking Italian and also learning about other cooking experiences, sports, mountain, traveling….what else? I love my family!

My Favorite cuisines
English and Irish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, North African

Types of cuisine I like to cook

My favorite travel destinations
Europe and US

Menu details
In the fantastic city of Milan, You will enjoy a true Italian dinner: for example after a nice Bruschetta with a glass of fantastic Italian sparkling white wine, I will cook for you a Special Pasta with Broccoli or with Zucchini and Ricotta or with Sicilian Pesto, or with Baked tomato sauce.

And then you will taste Veal mozzarella style or Little Turkey rolls with Italian dressing salad. Before the dessert, you cannot miss a little Italian Cheese with my special homemade spicy jams.

Dessert: Berries or cherries (depends on the season) mousse on soft Daisy Cake or a fantastic Chocolate cake Italian country style. And if you wish, a true Italian Espresso. Of course, the menu will be dependent on the season, and of guest’s desires, expectations and needs. I look forward to hosting you at my place!

authentic Italian pasta
Authentic Italian pasta. VizEat photo

Meal type

Cuisine Type


Alcohol Served
White Wine

Number of guests
2 to 6

19:30 to 22:30



Parisian dinner
Dinner Parisian style. VizEat photo

VizEat guests can browse based on a variety of factors. Whether or not they have a food allergy to where theyill be traveling can all be determined through search. There is something for everyone. Guests use PayPal for the payment to be posted once the host confirms the booking. All of this is done in advance of the event.

VizEat leaves users to negotiate their own terms on things like prices, serving times, and food choice. All decisions and details are ironed out through discussion between the host and guest.

Guests can also leave reviews of their experiences which are highly encouraged by VizEat. Just as well, guests are also encouraged to read the reviews of others before making their meal reservations. After all, VizEat does say that they turn dining into an experience!

For more information go to VizEat.

Jamie Kimmel lnd thumbJamie Kimmel is currently an anthropology major at UMass Amherst. As a very active member of the belly dance club and SPIRALS, she loves all things magickal and artistic. 

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