New Travel Products for the Great Outdoors

Get the Most of the Great Outdoors With These New Products

By Sarah Robertson

Speaker for outdoors
The EcoStone Waterproof Speaker provides entertainment in any terrain.

From the sea to the sky to waiting for that endless layover to pass, this season’s newest travel products will be sure to make your trip more enjoyable. These products are built to serve adventurous spirit and give people the most out of their experience with the outdoors.

These new products will help you jam out in any terrain, wash your clothes anywhere, keep your phone alive for these long journeys, and much more.

EcoStone Waterproof Speaker

Take music with you anywhere with Grace Digital’s EcoStone Speaker. The 100% waterproof, shockproof, and highly portable speaker is perfect for your next outdoor adventure that needs a little bit of music. With a twelve hour battery life and impeccable sound quality the speaker can turn any adventure into a party.
This speaker packs a sound punch! We rocked out in the GoNOMAD offices to the crisp clean sound, it was louder than many of the other wireless speakers we have tested.

No need to worry about wires, the speaker is equipped with a wireless AptX™ Bluetooth speaker system that can withstand the toughest conditions. EcoStone wirelessly connects to any Bluetooth phone or directly connects to any device with a USB port or audio out jack. It even functions as a backup power source for a smartphone or tablet.

The Kero Nomad Cable is the easiest way to bring a USB cable on the go.
The Kero Nomad Cable is the easiest way to bring a USB cable on the go.

The EcoStone is not just tough it is also equipped with an LED flashlight, and mountable on a variety of surfaces and gadgets. The speaker floats and can be submerged in up to three feet of water, so even if it goes overboard you’re covered. On the bottom is a standard camera style screw mount to any surface such as a boat deck or bike.

At just $150, the speaker pays for itself in quality and utility. Find your own uses for the EcoStone Speaker on your next camping trip or boat ride and see for yourself what a little music can do.

Kero Cables

These cables are the airport dweller’s best friend. Easily connectable to any USB port or outlet they can charge any phone from a laptop or any USB port they can find. In two different lengths, the cables provide power when and where you need them.

The shorter Kero 3-inch Lightning Nomad Cable connects to a keychain and is designed to be ultraportable. Travelers can keep the cable in a carry-on or attached to a keychain to have on hand at all times. The 3-inch cable is perfect for a quick charge straight from a laptop. Buy the cable on Amazon for $22 in white or blue.

The Kero Lasso Cable is provides comfortable, convenient charging anywhere.
The Kero Lasso Cable is provides comfortable, convenient charging anywhere.

The Kero Lasso Cable is the other side of charging convenience. At 10-feet long it is capable of reaching the most distant outlets or extending to backseat passengers in a car. The cable tie allows for easy packing and storage. Having this long a cord might sound crazy but you can pass it to the people two seats back and they can charge their phones while you drive.
Buy the Kero Lasso Cable on Amazon for $27

Bravo Waterproof Iphone 5 Case

iPhone users usually cringe at the thought of trapping their phones in bulky cases in the name of safety. Now with the Bravo Waterproof Iphone Alloy Case they can have all the protection of a waterproof case without the size. The case is designed to provide the most protection with the sleekest, most stylist design possible

The waterproof case is submergible in up to two meters of water and is also protected against dust, snow, mud, and anything else life is willing to throw at it. The sleek aluminum design protects the phone from falls well without adding too much width.

The Bravo Waterproof Case provides an Iphone with sleek, stylish protection.
The Bravo Waterproof Case provides an Iphone with sleek, stylish protection.

A heavier case than most, the Bravo also takes longer to install than other cases. It is a case designed for long-term use and cannot be taken on and off easily.

What is unique about the Bravo case is that the waterproof screen protector adheres directly to the phone screen instead of the case.

This ensures that the iPhone retains its screen sensitivity, unlike other life-proof cases. Microvent covered sound ports, an optical lens covered camera, and a watertight headphone jack and charging port ensure that the phone loses no functionality.

Buy the Bravo Waterproof Alloy Case on Amazon for $100.

Scrubba Washbag

Why should we have to sacrifice hygiene on extended backpacking or camping trips? Now with the Scrubba Washbag you don’t have to; with just a little bit of water you can have clean clothes on the go.

Scrubba works by filling the bag with dirty clothes, rolling and sealing the top, and letting all the air out of the bag. Then just rub the built-in flexible washboard against the clothes for a few minutes, open the bag and rinse with water, hang them out to dry and you have clean clothes.

Wash clothes on the go with the Scrubba Washbag.
Wash clothes on the go with the Scrubba Washbag.

“Bought this for travelling round Cambodia and Vietnam – saved a ton of washing as we did two people’s washing easily and quickly each night,” says Charlie Green, an Amazon reviewer, “Much quicker than washing without a Scrubba and also doubles as a dry bag during the day for storage.

The super lightweight bag folds up easily and weighs only 180 grams. It is perfect for backpackers who have no room to spare or campers with few resources on hand. To wash a load of clothes only uses about a gallon of water for the average sized load.

Buy the Scrubba Washbag on Amazon for $40.


The AquaVault is designed to provide peace-of-mind for a day at the beach. The box attaches to most beach furniture and locks all valuables like sunglasses, phones, and wallets inside so you don’t have to worry about them being stolen.

The AquaVault guards your valuables at the beach so you don't have to.
The AquaVault guards your valuables at the beach so you don’t have to.

A three-number combination lock secures the top of the box around a bar or post at the beach. The lock is reprogrammable and easy to use so any child can use the box while keeping thieves out.

The lock box provides a much-needed sense of security while at the pool or beach. Instead of leaving a friend to guard the valuables while everyone else goes on a stroll along the coast just use the AquaVault to do the watching for you. It also helps save money by not renting public lockers at your local pool.

Buy the AquaVault on Amazon for $40.

TravelCard Portable Battery Pack

Nowadays a person can only last as long as their phone battery, so when you travel pack a portable backup battery and keep your phone going so you can.

The backup batteries can keep phones alive for up to twice as long as a single charge without with chained to airport outlets.

The TravelCard is perfect backup battery for the light traveler.
The TravelCard is perfect backup battery for the light traveler.

The innovative design of TravelCard allows travelers to keep a backup battery in their wallet. The battery is designed to be the size of a credit card so it fits easily in any wallet, optimal for short trips and light packers. Weighing just two ounces, the card is barely there until you need it most.

A full charge provides up to five hours of talk time and four and a half hours of internet usage, it can bring the iPhone up to about 70 percent charged.
It takes 75 minutes to charge the TravelCard and 32 minutes to charge a phone using the card. It comes in both iPhone 5 compatible and micro-USB compatible charging ports, used for Android phones.

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