Listen Up! Here Are Ten Great Travel Podcasts!

A Good Travel Podcast Can Go A Long Way…And it Will Take You Somewhere Amazing

By Christy Bogan

We all need something to listen to. Whether it be music, background noise, instrumentals, or our own voice, there should be something in the background to give us a sound to attach to. With podcasts, it’s like listening to a group of friends talk and you’re there to enjoy the conversation.

If you’re a travel enthusiast and need a way to incorporate travel into your everyday life or you just need a break from reality, these podcasts are perfect for you!

Unknown 1GoNOMAD Travel Podcast

The first on our list is our very own podcast! If you’re into short, sweet bite-sized episodes about where you need to visit or overall helpful travel information, then our podcast is for you! Most episodes have an article to go along with it, so after hearing the podcast episode about the article, head over to and get more info by reading the article. Be sure to check it out because there are a plethora of different episodes to listen to.

The Atlas Obscura Podcastpodcast

Visit strange and wondrous places in under fifteen minutes. This podcast highlights places in the world that few even know about. They include culture, stories, and people in each podcast to make it more encompassing to their viewers. From America’s “Quiet Zone” to Luomus Spiders in Finland, Atlas Obscura has a bit of all the wonders across the world. They also have a website with stories, pictures, and even book a trip with them!

Disney Travel Secrets

If Disney is more your speed, then this is the podcast for you! Both hosts are able to tell the secrets and helpful tips that they have for a variety of different situations you can experience in Disney. Even if you’re a Disney regular, this podcast can open up doors for different secrets to look for. From the Disney parks to the cruise lines and even to weekly news, this podcast covers everything you need in under thirty minutes. With three-hundred episodes and counting, there are secrets to be learned.

Zero to Travel

Not only is this a podcast for travel, but it’s an overall inspirational podcast about life. With the host interviewing and talking about real stories from people all over the world, this podcast has a bit of everything you need to know. If you’re new to travel or you’re experienced in the traveling world, I’m sure you’ll hear places and learn information to write down. There are new episodes weekly and each one lasts about an hour; perfect for long car drives or even to workout to!

Unknown 2Women Who Travel

If you want a podcast directed towards how women can travel the world in a safer way and even visit places with remarkable women’s history, then this is your podcast. The host brings on any female-identifying guests to share their stories about where they went and what it was like for them.

Along with hearing amazing stories and places to travel, there are also tips on how to travel solo, budget tips, and more. Give it a listen, and maybe even become a guest!

Twisted Travel & True CrimeUnknown 3

Mysteries and wondrous locations, crimes in different countries, “Twisted Travel & True Crime” satisfied two genres. If you’re a true crime listener, then you should check out this podcast immediately. Not only do you get to hear about different locations across the world, but with every location, there is a chilling true crime story to go along with it.

Imagine going to a destination in one of their podcasts and being in the area where the crime happened…that is an experience for sure. The episode length varies from thirty minutes to over an hour, but with each new enticing story, a desire to travel awakens.

Black Women Travel Podcasts

These inspiring stories from Black women who dedicate their lives to travel are ones worth listening to! They have special podcasts called “Therapy Thursdays” where therapists and social workers from the community are invited to speak about their experiences and travels. Besides travel information, “Black Women Travel Podcasts” is there for their listeners, supplying them with a plethora of different forms of information. This podcast had a bit of everything and is a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

PodcastThe Poor Traveler

Want to travel on a budget but don’t know how? Yeah, me too. “The Poor Traveler” is here to help by giving you tips on how to travel safely, apply for visas, how to make each vacation count, and tell you their own stories. Many of their episodes consist of a listicle-type format where they can give you straightforward information, why it’s on the list, and other options.

This is the best podcast if you’re looking to get into traveling and you have a low budget, it’ll help you make sure you have a memorable experience.

National Park After Dark

And here, another true crime-travel podcast, but this one’s a bit different. With the forest, comes the darkness, and with those two, a horror story is bound to happen. Each podcast episode, it takes the listener to a different park at night, telling tales of what went wrong and how humans can overcome intense situations while in the woods. Each episode feels like you’re at the campfire, telling horror stories to the campers to scare them; there’s something nostalgic to it too. So turn off the lights, grab a snack, and listen to this podcast.

UnknownTravelers Through Time

The concept of this podcast is that every episode has a different guest: a historian, novelist, traveler, or public figure. The host then asks, “If you could travel back through time, which year would you visit?” When they answer, the guest has to describe three events/ locations to explain why they would travel there.

Episodes range from thirty minutes to an hour; even then, it still doesn’t feel like enough! Each episode has the location as well as the year the guest picks, so if you want a specific year/ location, it’s easy to find! This podcast is perfect for long drives, train rides, planes, etc. because you not only travel to the location, but also through time.

All of these podcasts are available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts (except for Travelers Through Time on Apple). 

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