More New Travel Gadgets for 2012

Go! Go! Gadgets! New 2012 Travel Gadgets from the Travel Desk

By Kathleen Broadhurst

From glowing Frisbees to the newest luggage GoNOMAD’s travel desk has tried and tested the latest things on the market to help make travel, and life, easier. For smartphones there is a host of new accessories from car chargers to battery-packing cases. There’s hip new street shoes for the fashion minded and toys for the kid in all of us. Whether you’re flying across the world or taking a weekend trip to see the family these will help you on your way.

Never have a dead battery again.

PowerSkin– Silicone Case with Built in Battery

Technology, can’t travel with it, can’t travel without it- defiantly cannot travel without it. But as everyone who’s ever tried to listen to their i-anything on a trans-pacific flight will know, batteries never seem to last as long as you want them to.

Now with the PowerSkin battery case you don’t have to be left hanging. Fitted reinforced silicone that protects your device as the built in battery adds extra life to you battery.

PowerSkin has models for iPhone 4 as well as a host of others including Samsung, Motorola, HTC and Blackberry. You’ll be charged up and ready to go in no time.

Nite-Ize Light-Up Flying Disc

nite-ize frisbee
Catch this! An awesome glowing frisbee that makes night-time games so much more fun. From Nite-Ize.

Remember all those times you wanted to play Frisbee on the beach at night? Well, with Nite-Ize you’ll be playing anytime anywhere.

With embedded LEDs in a clear plastic Frisbee you can toss it to friends, play night-time Frisbee golf or send your dog for it. What’s best is that you can’t lose it in the dark and it looks like a little UFO flying through the night.

Proved and tested “Awesome” by GoNOMAD’s Senior Editor. It’s a great conversation starter and fits in your backpack so it’s ready to go wherever you do.

Texthook Smartphone Holder

Texthook bicycle phone holder.

No more fumbling! Pop your phone in and strap it on, to your shopping cart, bike, or exercise equipment. This little contraption just made staying in touch a whole lot less clumsy.

Its Velcro strap fits most handlebars and holds any smartphone for hands free connection. With its 180 degrees of rotation you can view your screen for just about any angle, imagine strapping it to the underside of your car while you look for instructions to change your oil, just don’t strap it to your driving wheel!

Bucketfeet Shoes

2012 Bucketfeet shoes
You’ll be the coolest kid on the block with Bucketfeet shoes.

These shoes were made for walking… and running, jumping, catching trains and boarding flights. In fact these are some of the coolest shoes around.

Bucketfeet collaborates with artists from all around the world to create their exciting and unique designs. With contributing artists form Portland, Oregon to Buenos Aries they exemplify a new international style.

Bonus: by wearing them you will not only be looking slick but also helping kids worldwide in the arts, sports and music.

iKit Car charger
iKit’s Auto Charge+ fits neatly into a purse or bag when not in use.

iKit AutoCharge+

Long road trips cross country, or just going to the grocery store, this sleek compact USB car charger will keep iPhone, iPad or iPod going as long as you do. It is also compatible with other standard USB devices.

If you are tired of running out of juice this nifty little accessory will find a place in your heart without putting a hole in you’re wallet.

Safe Skies Luggage Lock

Safe Skies Luggage Lock
Keep your luggae safe while flying again.

I know what you’re thinking, but I can’t lock my luggage anymore its against TSA flight regulations. And you’d be right, except for this little-bitty loophole.

Safe Skies has an agreement with TSA, they teach them how to open their locks, easily identified by the flaming torch and TSA won’t cut off the locks. Which means dear traveler, you can once again protect your valuables from thieves while still adhering to the guidelines.

They come in fun colors and designs and even have straps with locks to wrap around your larger pieces.

Atlantic Ultra LITE

Atlantic Ultra LITE
Atlantic Ultra LITE luggage. Keeps you moving and is easy to spot.

GoNOMAD Editor Max Hartshorne recommended the Atlantic Ultra LITE that’s perfect for the busy traveler. With smooth wheel and a virtually weightless body it comes in two colors, neither of which are black, which should make finding them on the baggage carousel that much easier.

There’s a small rolling carry-on size, two mid-sized rollers and two duffle bags with wheel. Pack more and feel like you are carrying less with the Ultra LITE. This is a good quality suitcase that feels sturdy and will last a long time. Plus the lime green color is very cool.

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