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Find your next hotel the easy way, with
Find your next hotel the easy way, with

By Elle Rahilly

The majority of us know from experience that when exploring a new city, national park, or fabulous attraction, the quality of hospitality and lodging can make-or-break a trip.

Whether it be a spectacular view, speedy room service, response to specific requests, the Wi-Fi service, or willingness to provide guidance on the area, where you end up staying has a lot to do with how much you will enjoy your holiday.

Whether venturing across the state or the Pacific, it has never been easier to find impressive deals on quality accommodations worldwide.

Luckily, more hotels than ever have found a great tool for reaching out to prospective customers across the globe: websites. A huge array of sites (such as Expedia and Hotwire) have emerged that allows web-surfers to compare and contrast deals on hotel prices. Now Expedia owns in 2023.

However, what many Americans are not aware of is the greatest search engine for accommodation and travel deals on the net: The advantage this site has compared to others is it that it provides comparison of hotel prices on a much larger scale, featuring the most sizzling deals from individual hotel-booking sites as well as independent hotels, resorts, hostels and all else in between.

140 Booking Sites, 605,000 Hotels

The founders of in Germany.
The three founders of Trivago in Germany. Rolf Schromgens, Malte Siewert and Peter Vinnemeier.

As the world’s largest hotel comparison site, Trivago’s viewers can compare prices from over 140 booking sites for over 605,000 hotels worldwide. Looking for a simple breakdown of hotel deals by location, quality, services and attractions? Trivago has it. Searching for informative and honest reviews from past customers? Trivago has it.

There are 1.1 million people on Facebook around the world who Like Trivago–and the New York Time’s Frugal Traveler column selected Trivago as one of the top ten travel bookmarks on the web!

In April 2023, close to 7.8 million unique global visitors used the website.

With 34 million integrated user reviews, each month 18 million travelers trust the site to help guide them on their next adventure. And with the one request: “Don’t settle for less!” those browsing the site quickly learn the search for accommodations couldn’t be any more simple, affordable or convenient than this.

The website is well organized, captivating and full of discount hotel deals. Easily enough, front and center of the homepage is a search engine where the user types any city, and the five top-quality stays in that location will be listed below (with a description and photos to follow.) He can file the listings by popularity, rating or price.

The left-sided panel of the homepage showcases the 14 hottest deals of the day, and below that is a series of filters that allow the user to browse by individual hotel-booking sites, types of lodging (inns, resorts, hotels, hostels), hotel services, wellness, entertainment and technology. With such a large database of accommodations, trivago can do that.

Trivago has achieved incredible success since its launch seven years ago. The company was born in 2004 under a garage in Düsseldorf, Germany. Trivago went live on the web the following year, and by the end of 2005 the site reached close to 150,000 visitors per month. In 2007 trivago extended its business to Spain, France and the United Kingdom. Simultaneously, price comparison was initiated by including the rates of five different websites.

Today Trivago has established offices in seven countries, and airs TV campaigns in ten countries. Over the past few years it has become one of the world’s most renowned travel brands, recognized by over two thirds of citizens in Germany and Spain.

Who Is Behind

By this point, you’re most likely wondering, “Who’s the brain behind the operation?” There are three actually. Rolf Schrömgens, Malte Siewert and Peter Vinnemeier are three colleagues who wanted to change the dynamic of hospitality and tourism, using technological savvies along with an honest approach to business that, combined, made for a unique brand.

The three claim that search technology is a large component to their success. They realized the need for an innovative approach to the hotel search system, and responded by creating a live search that scans over 140 different hotel booking sites within seconds.

Impressively, the site constantly discovers price differences of over 50% within the same hotels, providing access to some serious bargains for travelers. Compared to single hotel booking portals that can only offer thousands of hotels, the Trivago database holds over 605,000. With nearly 1 million searches per day on the site, the three men claim they are “always on the search for your ideal offer.”

Find the right room at the right price...there are more than 650,000 to pick from on!
Find the right room at the right price…there are more than 650,000 to pick from on!

Schrömgens, Siewert and Vinnemeier proudly define Trivago as an “independent information provider for consumers, [and a] reliable partner for hotel booking sites.” It is admirable how the site acts purely as a search engine, making zero profit in any hotel booking on partner sites.

No Hidden Booking Fees

Rather, the company acquires revenue from the booking sites that it features, as gratitude for helping bring them business. And what does that mean for the customer?

No hidden fees attached to a hotel booking for the sake of Trivago, and no annoying pop-up ads cluttering the computer screen. Sounds like a win on both ends.

With filters to tailor specific accommodation requests alongside access to millions of reviews, Trivago aspires to find all the necessary information that lets the consumer themselves make the best choice. The company is founded on the belief in individuality of different hotels, there’s the perfect hotel room for everyone.

With over one million “likes” on Facebook, it is evident that Trivago lives up to what it promises: helping users snag their ideal hotel for the lowest possible rate. The company is revolutionizing outlets of technology in tourism by providing the greatest accessibility to hotels across the globe, with no available deal left out of the picture.

Visit to explore all the hotel deals, reviews and advice the website has to offer.

Elle RahillyElle Rahilly is a former editorial assistant at and lives in New York City, where she is in the apparel business.

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