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The Well by Lang

TheWell from Lang: Pure Water in Seconds

Take a stand by pairing your refillable water bottles with TheWell from environmentally conscious Swiss brand LANG. TheWell is the ultimate tabletop water filter designed to filter out impurities and microplastics and then remineralize the water to support your health. Uses reverse osmosis to remove sediment, odors, flavors, and harmful particulates

Delivers fresh, great-tasting water with the push of a button. Adds back a balanced blend of healthy, natural minerals! Crafted from all-natural ingredients

NO sodium Free of microplastics Filters 1L in less than 4 minutes! Fill a 1.5L jar or a single cup at a time plug it in and go.

Not only is it half the size of a 5 gallon water cooler, but it can even flavor your water with natural fruit extracts like lemon, orange, and peach. TheWell uses reverse osmosis to remove sediment, odors, flavors, and harmful particulates, adds back a balanced blend of healthy, natural minerals!

Lang The Well Water Purifier $374

Foton pearled candles

Foton Candles: No Messy Cave-ins

If you’re looking for a new and unique way to decorate for the holidays this year, your options are as endless as your imagination with Foton Pearled Candles!

Transform any vessel into a gorgeous display whether you fill a hollowed-out pumpkin for a quick and easy fall tablescape or reimagine your Christmas decor by repurposing cookie tins, holiday mugs, and more.

Foton Pearled Candles $34

Kind Laundry Detergent Sheets
Kind Laundry Detergent Sheets Just Make Sense

These laundry sheets are made with a proprietary formula of tea seed oil and powerful plant-based surfactants–no unnecessary fillers and harmful chemicals included. Why waste the effort of lugging a huge bottle of detergent home?

Say goodbye to gunky measuring cups and heavy plastic bottles! Our laundry detergent sheet dissolves easily in water. Simply toss in this washer sheets detergent with your laundry and begin your wash cycle. No goop, no mess.

These cruelty-free laundry sheets detergent contains plant-based and active ingredients. For your family and pet’s laundry, use this natural and gentler alternative to washing detergent, laundry tabs, or washer pods.

Kind Detergent Sheets41lkMSEqAHL. SL160

STARESSO Plus Portable Espresso Machine

Introducing the STARESSO Plus Portable Espresso Machine, your gateway to the perfect cup of espresso anytime, anywhere. Designed for coffee aficionados, this innovative coffee maker boasts a remarkable 18-22% gold extraction rate, ensuring a rich and creamy brew that’s nothing short of perfection.

The STARESSO Plus features a large pressure valve for effortless extraction. Simply press down with the palm of your hand to savor your favorite espresso. Plus, with a stable silicone pad at the bottom, your brewing experience remains steady and secure, whether on the go or at home.

What sets the STARESSO Plus apart is its user-friendly design and ample capacity. The main body separation design allows for flexible use with a stand, making it compact and space-saving. And after you’ve savored your espresso, each component is easily detachable for thorough cleaning.

Staresso $69


Stimunail Device Pampers Your Paws

Grow strong nails with StimuNail. Stacey, a Cosmetic Biochemist and New Product Development expert, struggled with her own nail issues and set out to discover just what makes nails healthy and grow. The StimuNail device was developed with all women in mind – women who want solution-based beauty products.

StimuNail gently warms the nail area to boost blood flow, supplying nutrients to growing cells. Red light is directed to the cuticle area where new nail cells develop. Lastly, the vibrating massage invigorates the entire hand.

StimuNail $68

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