Litter Robot 4, Family Tree DNA and Other New Finds

The Family Tree DNA genealogy Family Finder test is an at-home DNA test kit that makes it easy to jumpstart your journey to learning more about your heritage. With the simple swab of a cheek in 6 weeks’ time you can find out your unique ethnic origins and locate relatives dating back hundreds of years – with 99.9% accuracy.51IfaxbqF L. SL250ir?t=gc0a7 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01NAQ1UCW

The Family Tree DNA Family Finder kit is the perfect way to unlock your legacy and connect with relatives across the globe – truly a gift that lasts a lifetime. Available at: or Amazon.

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Emporia Smart Plug

The Emporia Smart Plug allows you to monitor the energy use and control most home appliances from anywhere with the Emporia App.

  • Monitor the energy used by your devices, schedule on and off times, and set timers for devices and outlets.
  • Fully compatible with smart home technology, including Voice control with Amazon Alexa (only in US) or Google Home, with no need for a separate hub or paid subscription service
  • Connects to your home WiFi, so you can control your device remotely from your phone with an internet connection – meaning if you left the light on, you can turn it off from anywhere!
  • Plugs into a standard 120V electrical outlet, 15 A Max Peak Load (1hr/day) / 10A Max Continuous Load
  • Energy and economically efficient at just ~1W power consumption
  • ETL certified by Intertek 5015249
  • 50-60Hz frequency

Emporia Smart Plug Four Pack $9.99 per plug

litter robot 4
My happy cat using the Litter Robot 4. ©Paul Shoul


Paul Shoul Loves His Litter Robot 4

My cat, Nip, loves Whisker’s new self-cleaning litter box, the Litter Robot 4. That’s the only endorsement I need. If he’s happy, then I’m happy. But his highness is not the one who has to deal with the tsunami of poop that he and his brother Muc gleefully excrete every day. I do. So this was a present for all of us. Let me tell you why we love it.

At the heart of the Litter Robot 4 is its intelligent self-cleaning mechanism. This innovative system sifts and separates clumps from clean litter, depositing waste into a separate compartment below.

No more scooping, no more unsightly box of poop, no more “oh my God that stinks” smell.


  • Dimensions: The Litter Robot 4 boasts a generous interior space, measuring approximately 27 inches in height, 24 inches in depth, and 22 inches in width. This ample size accommodates cats of various sizes comfortably.

  • Litter Chamber: The litter chamber is designed to hold substantial litter, creating a spacious area for your cat to comfortably do their business. The chamber is thoughtfully shaped to prevent litter from spilling out during use.

  • Waste Drawer: The waste drawer is conveniently located at the bottom of the unit. It is notably larger than its predecessors, allowing it to hold waste from multiple cats for several days before requiring emptying.

  • Control Panel: The user-friendly control panel on the Litter Robot 4 provides easy access to various settings. Cat owners can adjust the cleaning cycle timing, select a sleep mode to reduce noise during the night, and activate the manual cleaning option if needed.

  • Connectivity: One of the standout features of the Litter Robot 4 is its Wi-Fi connectivity. This allows cat owners to remotely monitor and control the unit through a dedicated smartphone app. The app provides real-time notifications, letting you know when the waste drawer needs emptying or if any issues arise.

  • App Features: The app goes beyond basic control. It offers usage statistics and tracking your cat’s litter box habits, which can be incredibly useful for monitoring your cat’s health. The app also provides troubleshooting guides and access to customer support, ensuring that any concerns are addressed promptly.

  • Safety Sensors: The Litter Robot 4 has sensors that detect when a cat enters or exits the litter chamber. This prevents the unit from activating while your cat is inside, ensuring their safety and comfort.

  • Power Efficiency: The Litter Robot 4 is designed with energy efficiency in mind. It enters a sleep mode when not in use, reducing power consumption. This feature and its efficient cleaning cycle make it an environmentally friendly choice.

Real-world use.

I have two adult cats that share my tiny home. The litter Robot 4 works seamlessly for all of us. Setting up was super easy. Simply put a bag in the waste drawer, turn it on, and you are good to go.

I set up the Litter Robot next to their old cat litter box. After about two days, I transferred the litter from the old box into the new Litter Robot 4, and we were off to the races. It is incredibly quiet and relatively odor-free.

Aside from checking the clean litter level and emptying the waste draw every 4 days or so, there is nothing else to do except to enjoy more free time, a cleaner, better-smelling house, and very happy cats.

For more info on the Litter Robot 4.

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