Saudi Arabia’s Seven Top Sights

Rub Al Khali, Saudi Arabia.
Rub Al Khali, Saudi Arabia.

A Blissful Getaway In Saudi Arabia: Top Spots To Explore

By Oscar Davis

Trains that run across Saudi Arabia have blacked out windows, to keep the passengers from seeing military sites in the desert.
Trains that run across Saudi Arabia have blacked-out windows, to keep the passengers from seeing military sites in the desert. Here the train arrives in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia is a gorgeous country with thrilling sites that will grab your attention for a very long time.

Only pilgrims on religious journeys and travelers on official business were once permitted to enter this nation. Is it safe to visit Saudi Arabia in 2023? YES.

Saudi Arabia now invites all travelers to experience their magnificent kingdom. You can explore the most picturesque locations in Arabia by booking the cheapest flight tickets online.

A Saudi Arabia visa can be obtained in around 15 minutes too! With the mandatory travel insurance for most travelers, the cost is about $US140.

Saudi’s Stunning Scenery

Saudi Arabia is a place with lots of stunning scenery, captivating experiences, and hidden surprises, so finding lovely spots there isn’t difficult.

There are so many locations to see in Saudi Arabia for visitors, from the ocean to the dunes, the mountains to the lively metropolis, and the shopping centers to the fine dining, that you would wish your vacation days could go longer.

The tricky part is deciding which ones to take and which to save for your next trip. We’re certain that you’ll return to Saudi Arabia time and time again. Let’s glance at Saudi Arabia’s major holiday destinations.

Masmak Fort, in the center of Saudi Arabia's capital city, Riyadh. Max Hartshorne photo.
Masmak Fort, in the center of Saudi Arabia’s capital city, Riyadh. Max Hartshorne photo.

Riyadh, A Place With Trees And Meadows

In English, Riyadh, the name of this sacred land’s capital, literally translates as The Meadows, and it surely provides you with the same peace as a lovely garden, just mixed with a little more desert heat. Riyadh is an economic center and is sometimes credited for single-handedly putting Saudi Arabia on the map of the world.

Riyadh at night near the fortress.
Riyadh at night near the fortress.

Discover Saudi Arabia’s magnificent sand dunes, including the amazing Rub Al Khali, a vast expanse of unending horizon filled with gently undulating dunes rising from the earth with its tallest dunes topping 250 meters.

Despite the desert’s enormous vastness being intimidating, adventurous travelers nonetheless like it. There are several different types of sand found in the vast sand dunes of Rub Al Khali, including longitudinal, crescent-shaped, and dome-shaped sands.

Spending an entire day at the Masmak Fortress allows you to go back in time in addition to having an amazing time exploring the mysteries of the desert.

The Battle of Riyadh, which led to Saudi Arabia’s eventual unification, was an important event that took place in this 19th-century castle. This should be a must-see for everyone who loves architecture and history.

Jeddah, The Bride Of The Red Sea

Jeddah, a port on the Red Sea, serves as the gateway to the sacred cities of Makkah and Medina. Because of this, those who adore this city refer to it as the Red Sea’s Bride. The moment you arrive in Jeddah, a brand-new universe becomes accessible. The nights can be spent admiring the coastline and indulging in delicious local cuisine, but if you’re looking for some excitement, you can also go diving.

Riyadh Nemar Suburban.
Riyadh Nemar Suburban.

If you’re visiting Saudi Arabia for the first time, Jeddah will likely win you over practically right away. Jeddah is perhaps the most sophisticated and relaxed major city in the Kingdom.

Ad Diriyah, The Pearl Of Saudi Arabia

Ad Diriyah, a treasure of Saudi Arabia.
Ad Diriyah, a treasure of Saudi Arabia.

Ad Diriyah was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site around ten years ago. The founders of Saudi Arabia lived in this region known for its mud-brick buildings, and as a result, it could reveal a plethora of details about those kings’ formative years.

Al Bujairy in Ad Diriyah, a Heritage Park dotted with restaurants, museums, and other attractions is one of Saudi Arabia’s most beautiful sights. If all goes as planned, the location will soon also have an outdoor museum that will give you a glimpse into the daily life of traditional Arabs.

Yanbu Al Bahr, A Spring By The Sea

Yanbu is a blend of two different cities, but its ancient town is where all of its charms can be found. The residence of a British commander who transformed the Arab world and served as the model for the film of the same name is located there. Adventurers can ascend Radwa Mount, a massive red mountain range, and amaze by its exceptional biodiversity.

Alternatively, people can go scuba diving in the warm, rich depths of the Red Sea to discover a live reef that was formed by a shipwreck. The Yanbu shoreline is an excellent location for fishing and birding if you’re looking for a more tranquil recreational activity.

Al Ula, The Old Town Also Known As Deira

Saudi Arabia's 2,000-year-old abandoned ghost town, Al-Ula. Richard Bangs photos.
Saudi Arabia’s 2,000-year-old abandoned ghost town, Al-Ula. Richard Bangs photos.

Al Ula is undoubtedly one of the most prominent destinations in Saudi Arabia. It is a natural marvel. This historic city, which was formerly a checkpoint along the path of the incense trade, is home to a number of hidden treasures. Start your vacation in AlUla by exploring Dadan’s rock-cut tombs.

Go ahead and explore Jabal Ikmah while channeling your inner Indiana Jones. In order to complete your journey in true nomadic Arab spirit, spend the night in the desert while gazing up at the sky.

Asir, Saudi Arabia’s Highest Point

The Asir region in Saudi Arabia is home to one of the country’s most stunning cities and is titled after the Asir tribe. We are referring to Abha, Asir’s capital. Abha, which is situated at a height of 2200 meters, is a more comfortable place to wander about than some of the other hilly regions in the nation.

The rough cliffs of Asir National Park are an obvious feature of Abha. Inlaid with juniper woods, this national park is home to several rare plant and bird varieties that would make your trip memorable.

Jizan province is located at the southernmost tip of Saudi Arabia.
Jizan province is located at the southernmost tip of Saudi Arabia. Welcome photo

Jizan, A Region Of Natural Wonders

Jizan surpasses all expectations for a Saudi tourist destination. To be very honest, skipping Jizan on your trip to Saudi Arabia is a mistake. Jizan will enchant you with its pristine Farasan islands since it is a fusion of nature and culture. The coral reefs, crystal-clear seas, and other amazing marine life that calls the islands home are well known.

The best time of year to visit this port city is from November to February. Be sure to gorge yourself on every kind of tropical fruit Jizan has to offer while you’re there. You will have a wide range of options, including mangos, as well as figs and papayas.

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