NYC’s Iconic Sights: Photos by Christopher Bliss

Grand Central Terminal, NYC 2018
Grand Central Terminal, 2018

Iconic New York, Expanded Edition offers Dramatic Photos of the World’s Greatest City

Few cities spark the imagination like New York. Its very name stands for excitement and dreams of possibility. Famed for both its hectic pace and for being a melting pot of cultures and ideas, this is perhaps the world’s ultimate metropolis. Iconic New York is a book for anyone who loves New York City as much as Christopher Bliss does.

The last photos were taken just before the corona pandemic and show the metropolis on the Hudson River as you know it: pulsating and colorful. Maybe New York will never be seen that way again.515vefeeP9L. SL250ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=3961712662

As a native New Yorker, photographer Christopher Bliss understands the city on many levels. Iconic New York offers a dramatic overview of the city, capturing its essence with dynamic and engaging images of its architecture, world-renowned landmarks, and energetic lifestyle.

In this expanded edition of the bestselling book, such distinctive new sights as the Freedom Tower, the Vessel at Hudson Yards, and recent images of the ever-popular and even-changing borough of Brooklyn, are seen alongside revered buildings as the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, and the majesty of Central Park in all seasons.

Each of the city’s distinct and characteristic neighborhoods exudes their many moods and auras on the pages of this classic photography book showcasing New York City. Everything that makes New York so quintessentially New York is here for you to savor.

New York City skyline looking south, 2019
New York City skyline looking south, 2019
View from Chrysler Building looking south, 1994
View from Chrysler Building looking south, 1994
Greenwich Village, NYC 2010
Greenwich Village, 2010
Brooklyn Bridge Park, Lower Manhattan, 2019
Brooklyn Bridge Park, Lower Manhattan, 2019
Central Park,NYC  2017
Central Park, 2017
Union Square, 2010
Union Square, 2010
Chrysler Building, 2017
Chrysler Building, 2017
Brooklyn Bridge with view of Statue of Liberty, 2019
Brooklyn Bridge with view of Statue of Liberty, 2019
Times Square, NYC 2018
Times Square, 2018

Christopher BlissChristopher Bliss’ Biography

As a native New Yorker, Christopher Bliss has always been drawn to the many facets of cosmopolitan life. He is particularly inspired by the lifestyles and dramatic changes that are constantly shaping the skyline of the world’s greatest city.

Although always active in the field of photography, Chris began his career as a concert pianist, having studied both in Vienna and in New York. Since 1988, he has been photographing New York City as part of an ongoing project aimed at capturing the city’s evolving architecture and culture.

His work reveals an insight that speaks to the casual observer as well as to photography aficionados. This expanded edition of Iconic New York is Chris’s fourth book on the Big Apple.

Chris’s work is part of many corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe, and is also included in the permanent collection of the Museum of the City of New York.

Photo © 2019 Christopher Bliss. All rights reserved.

© Iconic New York, published by teNeues,

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