What Travelers Can Discover in the Caribbean

Super traveler Lee Abbamonte enjoying Dunns River Falls, Ocho Rio Jamaica, Caribbean. Lee Abbamonte photo.
Super traveler Lee Abbamonte enjoying Dunns River Falls, Ocho Rio Jamaica. Lee Abbamonte photo.

Highlights of the Wonderful Caribbean

By Lucy Hughes

In recent times, the Caribbean has been an increasingly popular destination for those seeking to travel the world and see new sights. While there isn’t one sole reason as to why the region is attracting inquisitive visitors, there is undoubtedly much to discover, adding to the intrigue of the location which is populated by over 44 million people.

Due to this, we’re going to outline some of the incredible things that can be discovered by travelers within the Caribbean.

Visit Dunn’s River Falls

Located near Ocho Rios, Jamaica, the famous Dunn’s River Falls are considered as one of the country’s national treasures and a must-visit spot for anyone visiting the Caribbean. The area itself, which is known as Los Chorreras by Spaniards because it is thought to be a battle location between the English and Spanish back in 1657, empties into the Caribbean Sea and is approximately 180-feet high.

Proceed with caution when approaching the top of the falls, as it can be slippery along the rocks at Dunn's River Falls, Jamaica, Caribbean. Sandals photo.
Proceed with caution when approaching the top of the falls, as it can be slippery along the rocks at Dunn’s River Falls, Jamaica. Sandals photo.

After traveling to the destination that featured in the first James Bond film, Dr. No, which was released in 1962, there is plenty to do from an entertainment standpoint. As well as being able to go swimming in the pools, you can also, with advisory supervision from a tour guide, climb the Dunn’s River Falls.

While only the wet climb will take you to the summit, the walking trail which goes alongside the iconic location is best suited for those seeking to stay dry and experience the environment from the surrounding land.

Furthermore, the Ocho Rios-based pools also present the perfect location to participate in some high-adrenaline activities, such as zip-lining. This opportunity sends willing travelers through the jungle treetops, providing an aerial view of the must-visit destination.

Shipwreck Diving in Grand Cayman

Divers can easily access the ship's wheel and other aspects of the USS Kittiwake, a submarine fighting ship that was sunk in the Grand Caymans as a permanent reef. Tab Hauser photo.
Divers can easily access the ship’s wheel and other aspects of the USS Kittiwake, a submarine fighting ship that was sunk in the Grand Caymans as a permanent reef. Tab Hauser photo.

Unlike other global destinations, the Caribbean provides visitors with the chance to explore deep-sea wreckages in numerous different spots. The region of the Americas has a well-established history of diving, with the Grand Cayman being the location where scuba diving was invented in the 1960s.

Limestone formations in Hell, Grand Cayman, Caribbean. Tab Hauser photo
Limestone formations in Hell, Grand Cayman. Tab Hauser photos

At this particular spot, participating divers will be able to find the ex-USS naval rescue submarine, the Kittiwake, which sunk in January 2011.

What makes a shipwrecked dive of the Kittiwake one of the more fascinating explorations within the Caribbean is that it sits in shallow water, allowing for plenty of time on the sea bottom to take in the former rescue vessel.

Even though there are limitations on where non-certified advanced divers can go, open-water explorers can still investigate the ship’s first three decks. Moreover, for those requiring training, courses are available in Grand Cayman.

While you’re on Grand Cayman be sure to visit Hell, the crazy limestone formations found only on Grand Cayman.

Animal Flower Cave in Barbados. Tab Hauser photo.
Animal Flower Cave in Barbados. Tab Hauser photo.

Diving to the RMS Rhone

Compared with some of the other wrecks in and around the Caribbean islands, the Kittiwake is one of the more recent to sink into the depths of the ocean.

Along with the ex-USS naval ship, those wishing to experience diving can also find the RMS Rhone within the British Virgin Islands, which became wrecked 153 years ago in 1867.

In addition to seeing the iron hull of the Royal Mail ship covered in coral, underwater explorers are also likely to encounter aspects of the vast array of sea life, with over 400 reef-associated or inshore ranging fish around the islands.

Experiencing the Nightlife

While participating in shipwreck diving and swimming in the pools of the Dunn’s River Falls help to engage with the local culture during the daytime, the Caribbean is also well known for its lively nightlife, particularly Barbados. St Lawrence Gap is the home to several popular nightclubs despite only being a small street.

The Cove is one of the available clubs and is ideal for travelers with a desire to immerse themselves in traditional Caribbean-style music, while their diverse themed nights help to bring the party atmosphere to Barbados. Moreover, the Old Jamm Inn is another nightlife option that better caters to those seeking live entertainment, as they often have a selection of DJs playing.

Aside from traditional bars and clubs, there is also a vast selection of casinos available within the Caribbean, which offer a different type of nightlife experience. As already mentioned, the Virgin Islands are world-renowned for their diving possibilities, but that is not all that is unique about this particular spot.

Divi Carina Bay Casino
Divi Carina Bay Casino on St. Croix, USVI. gotostcroix.com photo

Divi Carina Bay Casino is one of the most remotely situated casinos on earth, and it can be found on St Croix. Unlike other gambling establishments, this option is ideal for seasoned players, as well as newcomers, who can try their hand at traditional games like blackjack, craps, roulette, and more.

At present, the region’s largest casino, Stellaris Casino, is located in Aruba. Coincidentally, this is also where the popular poker variant, Caribbean Stud, first originated from according to TripSavvy.

Because of this, visiting the casinos of Aruba is a must for any traveler, as not only does the destination in question provide a sociable insight into the local nightlife culture, but it also been at the heart of reinventing the global casino industry, both on land and digitally.

Great Beach Experience

You’ll find different types of accommodation options in the Caribbean, including island hotels, quiet resorts, and vacation rentals near the beach to fully experience the Caribbean feel. Get to enjoy a couple of days swimming or watching the sunrise and sunset with world-class accommodation customer service in the Caribbean.

Fun Caribbean Snorkeling

You can snorkel in the Bahamas where the James Bond film, Thunderball, was shot. Hollywood flocks to the paradise place of Exuma Cays at Thunderball Grotto. Get to dive through the island’s submerged holes. Also, you’ll have a spectacular view once you surface and also get to discover the beauty of the cave underwater.

Aside from the Bahamas, the Grand Turk is also renowned for its incredible scuba diving and snorkeling. It’s just a few hundred yards from the shore, so you’ll witness a 7000-foot drop off from the continental shelf.

Shark Encounter

Experience a shark and ray encounter in the Shark Ray Alley located off the coast of Ambergris Cay in the most-sought Belize. This place is famous for scuba diving. Bring home an unforgettable experience in the Blue Hole. Get to swim with sharks and rays, providing a thrilling experience.

Shark Ray Alley has several sharks and rays that rush towards boats. Also, you’ll find colorful fish, such as Barracuda and clownfish living in harmony and balance beneath the sea.

Sailing in Jamaica

You can slow things down with an unforgettable sailing trip in Jamaica. It is the most highly recommended sailing area in the Caribbean. Step onto a catamaran, take a seat at the boat front of and let the waves rush through the trampoline cooling your hot skin.

Many tourists love the beautiful rocky coastline of Jamaica with crystal blue waters and cool Reggae music playing. At Rick’s Café, you’ll spot divers discovering the beauty of coral reefs and caves underwater.

Something for Everyone

Ultimately, there can no doubt that there is something for everyone to enjoy within the Caribbean. From discovering shipwrecks to visiting casinos and zip wiring over iconic Jamaican locations, travelers can expect to immerse themselves in a range of unique and unforgettable experiences that will stay with them forever.

lucy hughesLucy Hughes is a freelance writer based in Dubai, UAE.

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