Frankfurt, Germany Museums: What’s New?

Frankfurt on Main
Frankfurt on river Main / Frankfurt am Main

 New Exhibits at the Jewish, Stadel Museum, Schirn Museums

Van Gogh exhibition Frankfurt, Germany
Stadel Museum Exhibition View, Tetyana Lux

By Veronica Moore

There are so many things to see inside of the museums in Frankfurt, and many of them are opening up new exhibitions in the coming months.

Van Gogh

According to the press release from the Tourismus + Congress GmbH, the Städel Museum will be hosting a Van Gogh exhibit that lasts until the 16 of February 2020.

The museum is taking many paintings on loan from different museums around the world. For example, The Museum of Modern Art in New York City, USA and the National Gallery of Prague.

This exhibit will hold Van Gogh’s art from all around the world and will engage his relationship with Germany. It’s definitely a must-see for any Van Gogh guru.

The museum also hosted a series of five podcasts about Van Gogh’s last portrait, “The Portrait of Dr Gachet” that has been missing for the last thirty years.

The series is called Finding Van Gogh. It discusses the possibilities of where the painting could be today.

The museum is holding extended hours from the 4th of February until the exhibit closes on the 16th of February. website

Jewish Museum

The City of Frankfurt is also reopening its Jewish Museum.

Projected Jewish Museum in Frankfurt, Germany
Projected Jewish Museum Frankfurt, Germany

The exhibits have been bouncing from a temporary location to another temporary location, but the permanent location is set to be open in Fall 2020.

This is monumental because the Jewish Museum has been modernized to better allow its patrons to experience the permanent exhibition which discusses the relationship that the Jewish population has with their surroundings in Frankfurt.

The Jewish Museum has been a haven for Jewish travelers since 1800, and the city is thrilled to bring that history back to Frankfurt permanently.

Germany for Jewish Travelers

There will also be other ever-changing exhibits on various related topics.

Fantastic Women Exhibition Frankfurt, Germany
Painting included in the Fantastic Women Exhibition. Photo by Schirn museum.

Their most popular exhibits include the Frank Family Center which maintains the estates of all of the Jewish Frank families and those related to them in Frankfurt, as well as their Contemporary Jewish Cultures Collection which reminds the visitors that Jewish culture is still present in today’s forms of expression.

The museum’s projected reopening is Fall 2020. website

Fantastic Women Exhibition

This exhibition starts on 13 of February 2020 at the Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt. It will last until 24 May 2020. The museum is already pre-booking tickets to avoid ques.

It will exhibit “The 260 works by 34 inter­na­tional artists reflect a diverse spec­trum in terms of both style and content,” says the Schirn’s website.

This is to be one of the first major diverse celebrations of women artists in Frankfurt to-date.

Not only does this exhibition address women’s right to be surrealist artists, but it further adds the reverse perspective from the male-dominated one that has been presented thus far as the only surrealist way of thinking.

Fantastic Women will focus on what women have contributed to surrealism as an art form. One of the most famous women being featured is Frida Kahlo.

In surrealism, there has been a strong focus on women being the objects of desire, however, this exhibit is to be the opposite. Women are the artists. Women are empowered and celebrated in this space. website

Gods in Color: Golden Edition

gods in color
Gods in Color

An exhibition that is returning to Frankfurt by popular demand. It was there once before in 2008 and continues to travel worldwide as it has been for the past 15 years.

This exhibit focuses on “polychromy in antiquity”, says the exhibit’s online page.

Gods in Color: Golden Edition is a largely expanded exhibit that encompasses 60 reconstructions some from as early as the nineteenth century.

Since its return, the number of reconstructions has nearly doubled and now has 22 prints on display as well.

The showing will last from 30 January to 30 August 2020.

This special edition of  Gods in Color is to share over 100 pieces depicting Greek and Roman gods with the public. You can also take a digital tour online through the website before you visit. website

Click here to see all there is to see in Frankfurt museums in the Rhine Main.

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