Pelican Air Travel Case: A Significantly Better Case

Pelican Air 1615 Giant suitcase
Pelican Air Travel 1615 Giant suitcase

Pelican Air Travel Case is Quite a Beast, almost 60 inches long, a suitcase that fits EVERYTHING

This is the suitcase of the year!

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

This is the real deal, finally, a suitcase that’s tougher than me! I’ve never seen more room and a sturdier case, that’s because Pelican specializes in gun cases, which are super strong and durable. This is going to be a great piece for my next trip to China in a few days. I think I’ll have room to spare.

Pelican insideI took this giant 59-inch suitcase with me on a recent trip to Dresden, Germany and it was the absolute perfect case for my trip. I like the nameplate that goes right on the front, and the five solid locking mechanisms that really secure it.

This case has none of the cheap plastic feel you get with so many other suitcases. It’s a case, not a suitcase, designed for gear, not just clothes.

I found that inside, the case has many pockets and places to store stuff, in addition, it comes with a laundry bag and another bag for miscellaneous gear. If you have traveled a lot as I do, you can appreciate how roomy this case is, and I love the maroon color–no mistaking it on the airport luggage carousel!

Pelican to China

GoNOMAD field-tested this giant case on a trip to China, stopping in Beijing, being tossed into vans in Zhangjiejie, and hitting pavement in Changshu. All without problems, the tough hinges stayed firm even as my clothes were trying to slip out.

It’s also fun to tote around a suitcase that catches other traveler’s attention. Any suitcase nut like me would love this unusual rig. The inside is squared off, deep, and there is a holder to display the owner’s business card. Classy. I got lots of comments about it and explained it was made by a gun case builder.

Other Users’ Comments

One of the reviewers on Amazon said he had purchased dozens of Pelican cases, and recommended this tip:

USAGE TIP#1: I recommend placing a paper towel soaked in WD-40 over old baggage stickers on this case to remove the old stickers and adhesive residue. Let it soak overnight, then remove the label using an old credit card or cheap plastic scraper from a hardware/paint supply store.

USAGE TIP#2: Also I take the Pelican stickers off my cases used for airline transport, whether for domestic or international travel. I believe this reduces the odds of theft or pilferage of the case by thieves looking for high dollar electronics or other valuables.(I then tape the Pelican sticker that lists the model of the case to the inside lid of the case, which then gives me a simple reminder of the model number of that particular case.)

USAGE TIP#3 Finally, I only buy black Pelican cases for airline transport because I want each case to blend in as much as possible with other airline luggage. This is my informal “gray man” approach to airline luggage. For example, I have an upcoming civilian tourist trip planned to the Middle East and possibly also to Africa.

Features on the Pelican Air 1615

Features: super-light proprietary HPX polymer, automatic purge valve – keeps water and dust out while balancing Air pressure, quiet rolling stainless-steel bearing wheels, retractable extension handle. The 1615 case comes in black, blue, grey, red, silver, orange and yellow.

Included: LID mesh and zippered storage compartments, packing cube organizers, press and pull latches with TSA key locks

DIMENSIONS: Exterior (LxW×D) 32. 58 x 18. 40 x 11. 02 in; Interior (L×W×D) 29. 59 x 15. 50 x 9. 38 in

Maximum airline check-in size Comes with Pelican Lifetime guarantee! Pelican Air 1615 Case No Foam (Burgundy)  $428 in Burgundy + FREE Shipping. The other colors are $270.

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The Happy Camper Tin Cup for Camping or the Office

Not really a tin cup, but a nice looking enamel coffee mug that will do double duty at night with some whiskey inside! This one is way more durable than a ceramic much, you can drop this on a rock and it won’t break. And everyone wants to be a happy camper, right?

Journo Happy Camper Enamel Camping Mug – Black, 12 Oz  $16.99

41+mIwk1mqL. SL250ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07KPPNKTK
A New Place to Keep all of your Cords while Traveling

Want to finally feel more organized? That’s exactly why Journo made this travel cord and tech accessory organizer. It’s the perfect place to keep all your gear in one spot. No more digging through the abyss that is your bag!

GoNOMAD is packing right now for a trip to World Travel Market in London, and we’ve got our cords all lined up nice and near in this folding bag. So far it feels like we are a little more organized than the last trip.

Travel Cord Case Organizer For All Your Electronic Tech Gadgets –  $17.99

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Keep Pickpockets at Bay with this Travel Money Belt

I was pickpocketed while trying to board a train to Rome Airport. It was quick, and the perpetrator kindly left my wallet on the floor of the train before she removed the euros and dollars from my wallet. It couldn’t have happened if I wore this clever money belt!

This money belt comes with RFID protection built into the liner, but these extra protective sleeves are a helpful bonus when you’re not wearing your travel belt (ie. at home).

Hide your mobile phone, cash money, cards, passports & other important items from pickpockets. Built-in RFID-intercepting technology safeguards your personal & private information against identity theft. Ideal for airports, buses, trains, sports games, music festivals & crowded marketplaces. Virtually invisible to thieves.
ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07655QCRDTravel Money Belt – RFID-Blocking Waist Wallet. Protect Your Phone, Passport & Credit Cards  $18.99

Screen Shot 2019 10 15 at 2.51.38 PMFloating Sunglasses for your Next Adventure on the Water

No matter how tough your glasses are, if you lose them overboard, you’re sunk. Here is a solution from Rheo’s, billed as ‘for water junkies only!’ir?t=gc0a7 20&l=am2&o=1&a=B07RF982WV

Feather light, floating sunglasses – The Bahias use Ultralight TPX frame construction which gives them extreme durability. This construction makes the Bahias 20% lighter than average frames, enabling them to float on water and keeping you comfortable for long-term wear. You’ve never imagined sunglasses as light and comfortable as these!

  • Polarized- The lenses of the Bahias are polarized with 100% UV protection and include dual anti-scratch and anti-reflection layers as well as shatterproof technology. These lenses are carefully designed to protect you from 100% of harmful UV rays. Over time these rays can cause long-term, irreparable damage to your eyes. Whether you’re hanging out on the lake or floating on the surf, you can finally protect your eyes without worrying about losing your shades.

Rheos Waders Floating Polarized Sunglasses |  $55

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