The Pocket Butler’s Guide to Travel: Fly Like a Butler

The Butler, Charles MacPherson
The Butler, Charles MacPherson

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Never Start Your Flight Hungry, and other Butler’s Advice

By Marley Henderson

Frequent travelers are no strangers to planes; but are they truly flying the right way?

Charles MacPherson’s book The Pocket Butler’s Guide to Travel provides travelers with essential advice for planning, packing, and key ingredients to make the most out of your trip.

MacPherson has led a successful career as a residential and corporate butler, but his work doesn’t stop here. MacPherson has branched his career into book writing and attending talk shows sharing his knowledge from experience working with luxurious travelers.

The Pocket Butler is genuinely a  pocket-sized book; about six inches in length and four inches in width, perfect to fit in a pocket on your next trip. His book is filled with travel tips ranging from how to wash your hands to laundry on the road to overcoming a language barrier and even an indispensable packing checklist.

Excerpt From Book: How to Fly Like a Butler

Eat something before you board. Never start your flight hungry. Avoid eating junk food before a long flight. Greasy and salty foods are even more difficult to digest when you’re in the air.

Always bring snacks with you for convenience, and in the event of flight delays.

If you would like or need a special meal, make sure you pre-order it. And be prepared to eat what you are given – the general meal service is no longer an option for you, even if it looks better. There is no guarantee that you will get you’re special meal so be flexible is there is a mix-up.

Always stay hydrated. This is one of the most important things to remember!

Be careful with caffeine. It is a diuretic and will dehydrate you. Herbal tea is a great substitute, or hot water with lemon slices – most airlines have lemon on the drink carts.

Avoid drinking too much alcohol. It’s also a diuretic and some experts say it prolongs jet lag.

Fewer airlines offer pillows and blankets so consider bringing your own, especially on long-haul flights. Remember to keep within your seat space; don’t lean your pillow against your neighbor. When you are done, neatly put them back in your bag.

Do discreet in-seat exercises such as ankle circles, knee lifts or neck and shoulder rolls every hour to ensure good blood circulation.

Don’t forget all your power cords and travel adapters so that you can stay connected. Bring your own headphones as well, as airlines rarely provide them free of charge.

Always wear a pair of comfortable closed-toe shoes. These are especially important in an emergency when you need to get off the plane.

Did you know? 

In 1987, American Airlines saved $40,000 by removing one olive from each salad served in first class.

About Charles MacPherson: 

MacPherson owned his own catering company in Toronto serving luxury residences in the city. On one particular day, a wealthy client of his requested he take over the position as a butler at her estate

His job as a butler came naturally, “everything was logical, natural, made sense to me,” said MacPherson according to a Today Magazine article. It wasn’t before long MacPherson was known as ‘Canada’s Butler’.

MacPherson has now made it his career discussing life as a butler and the proper manners and etiquette of the luxurious lifestyle. He is recognized as an authority in household management and butlering, and provides clients with consultations all across the globe.

He has become an employment guru for many hotels and luxury residential clients for chefs, chauffeurs, personal assistance, and even gardeners.

Buy this book: The Pocket Butler’s Guide to Travel 

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