Mardi Grass Festival

Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia

GoNOMAD DESTINATION MINI GUIDE Nimbin, New South Wales, Australia By Monk Media WHY GO The Haight Ashbury of the South Pacific, Nimbin is a haven for boho travelers in need of yoga rejuvenation, a tarot reading or a vegan feast. This postage-stamp-sized town rests in the foothills of an extinct…

Tasmanian Devil Unzoo near Hobart Tasmania.

Tasmania, Australia Guide

Tasmania, Australia: Remarkable Scenery, Four Separate Seasons By Norman Douglas WHERE An island state of Australia, At 26,200 square miles, Tasmania is roughly the size of Sri Lanka, and hangs off south-eastern Australia rather like Sri Lanka hangs off the south of the Indian sub-continent. Though legally part of Oz,…


Chasing Eden in Samoa

Chasing Eden in Samoa: Visiting Villa Vailima, home of Robert Louis Stevenson on the island of Samoa, and reflecting on the changes the island has seen over the years since he lived there.

rarotonga beach 1

Tonga: The Unique “Friendly Islands”

Taking a Shot at the King of Tonga By Jono David A palace guard came curiously over to me, armed with more questions about my visit to Tonga than bullets for his rifle. I fired back some pleasantries and then, to my delight, he announced that the king would be…

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Palau, Micronesia: A World Underwater

Palau, Micronesia offers some of the world’s finest diving. By Dave Vedder WHERE Located in the Caroline Islands approximately two hours by air west of Guam, the island nation is comprised of some 350 islands, ranged in six clusters down a 700-kilometer, northeast-to-southwest stretch from Kayangel in the North to…

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