Chin Liang Teh

Teh Chin Liang is a long-time travel journal contributor to Dave’s Travel Corner and Global Travel Insider. Besides travel journals, he loves writing prose and poetry. When he is not writing, he enjoys reading and traveling to get inspiration for his writing. He lives in Penang, Malaysia, a scenic island city that is also a UNESCO heritage site.

The writer, Teh Chin Liang, poses with a group of costumed Nowruz revelers

Kyrgyzstan: Where Hospitality Meets Untamed Beauty

From Bishkek to Issyk-Kul Lake: A Look at the Gems of Kyrgyzstan By Teh Chin Liang GoNOMAD Senior Writer Kyrgyzstan, a country that epitomizes a far-flung adventure destination, has never been on my travel radar. Early this spring, my travel compass took an unexpected turn and steered me to this…

Exploring the wilderness is what Jason is passionate about (Photo: Jason Marsteiner)

Wilderness Survival Insights

Nature’s Classroom: Wilderness Survival Insights from Jason Marsteiner By Teh Chin Liang Senior Writer Jason Marsteiner is the ultimate outdoorsman and survival expert, serving as the owner of Colorado Mountain Man Survival LLC and The Survival University. Recently, we talked about surviving in nature, and he explained that survival goes…

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