Tokyo on a Budget

An Expensive city on the cheap By Ryan McDonald Although Tokyo is always somewhere in the top three most expensive cities, it can be seen on the cheap. Some of the most interesting places to stay in Tokyo are, coincidentally, the least expensive. You can easily spend a week in…

hokkaido volcano

Hokkaido: Crystal Clear Lakes and Smoldering Volcanoes

By Sam Baldwin In my current homeland of Fukui in central west Japan, summers are unpleasantly hot and humid. Wandering out of air-conditioned zones is ill-advised, and even a slow stroll to the local conbini (convenience store) results in an uncomfortable ‘shirt stuck to your back’ feeling. Having already experienced…

A shrine in Ise, Japan.

Ise: Japan’s Holiest Shrine

By Ryan Cole Once long ago there was a Shinto god and goddess, Izanagi and Izanami. They were bored. There was nothing around. So they did what any self-respecting nature deities would do in their situation; they made love, and lots of it. The sex was voracious, lasted days, weeks,…


Kyoto, Japan: A Mixture of Ancient and Modern

Kyoto, Japan: A Mixture of Ancient and Modern By Kent E. St. John Tom Cruise may have been the Last Samurai but I will certainly not be the last gaijin (outsider) to wander Kyoto’s temples. This is precisely the reason Kyoto was spared the big one at the close of…

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