uganda playing

Uganda: Playing Music with Pygmies

Blowing the Blues with the Batwa Pygmies in Uganda By Margie Goldsmith ”Wakoze Kuza,” says Batwa pygmy Chief “Steve” Varaheegwan, welcoming us to his tribal village in the Virunga Mountains of Uganda as Herbert, the vivacious Ugandan liaison, translates. The entire Batwa tribe of about 75 men, women and children…

Dr Mike helps out a gorilla in Rwanda.

Gorilla Viewing in Uganda

Gorillas of the Bad Gas: Coming face to, er, fart, with Uganda’s Mountain Gorillas By Marie Javins “Ugandans must have bladders of steel,” I thought, shifting anxiously every time the decrepit old “Silver” bus hit a pothole in the dirt road. I’d boarded the bus at six a.m. in the Ugandan…

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