Clothing for Seasoned Travelers

Trew men's shirtweight down jacket. LIghtweight and smooth, and no obnoxious front chest branding.
Trew men’s shirtweight down jacket. Lightweight and smooth, and no obnoxious front chest branding.

By Max Hartshorne
GoNOMAD Editor

What are you wearing for your next trip?  Just as important as what we wear at home, GoNOMAD is always on the look out for great clothing for travelers. If you’re going someplace a little chilly, say, like Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, here are some items that might make sense to bring along. 

Trew Shirtweight Down jacket

Trew is designed and manufactured in Oregon, and this is a really fantastic duck down lightweight jacket. I wore this jacket on a very windy walk, and with it zipped up all the way, it provided a great block from the chilly February New England winds.  It’s amazingly lightweight.

For the amount of warmth in this jacket, the weight is surprising and it folds right into its inside pockets.  Here is how Trew describes it, and I can’t disagree… “The clean lines and simple quilting convey the timeless quality of alpine engineering, while the soft, matte fabric and subtle branding can slip between mountain and urban landscapes like your favorite flannel.”  I agree!

Trew Men’s Shirtweight Down Jacket $185

Craghoppers Flint Longsleeve shirt 

This heritage shirt  is constructed from a soft brushed cotton fabric, a must-have for the new season! It is comfortable and practical with a simple styling and neat patch pocket to the chest. The shirt  includes two pockets, including one zipped. 100% brushed cotton, adventure fit, 30″ length.  Flint  Long-Sleeved Shirt  $45

Eroix underwear and tee shirt

This clothing is categorized by what the expected temperature will be where you’re going.  I tried their 40-60 tee shirt and it fit much better than most tee shirts, and the bottom has a nice trim elastic to it.  This is a high-quality shirt, and their underwear is also top shelf. The underwear is a bit pricey, but I think good undies just cost a lot more than the same old Hanes!

But these boxers….well I just can’t see wearing these underneath my pants, since they are made of a material that feels like a swimsuit. And $38 for one pair? WOW!  Machine wash cold, tumble dry low    EROIX Underneathwear Mens Boardroom Underwear 32 Black $38.00

Lady HIke PantEase front opening underwear for women.

Ladyhike Front-Opening PantEase

Yes, this problem has finally been addressed. What does a  woman do when she’s hiking or camping in the woods?   Privacy can be a challenge, especially with no bathrooms around. Voila!  Here is a solution. If a woman wants to be able to pee just like the men, with these revolutionary ‘pantease’ can do just that.  The underwear have a velcro attached flap that drops down, enabling the much-desired standing urination.

I am not familiar with women’s underwear but I do know that it’s usually soft and not bulky. This black pair had quite a bit of fabric where the velcro attaches, so I would think it would bulge out.  Anyway, if you are a female and you want to be able to pee outside, here is your answer. Lady Hike Pant Ease and Hiking Dresses (On Kickstarter)

Gant lightweight cotton V-neck sweater

Gant men's cotton sweater.

I like the feel of this sweater, but the only rub for me is the embroidered ‘Gant’ logo on the left chest. I don’t like wearing brands. But the sweater is an attractive color and it fits nicely. These are useful sweaters for travelers going to a colder place–it’s lightweight but takes the chill off and the V-neck makes it more comfortable.  It also doesn’t take up much room in your suitcase.
GANT Light Weight Cotton Mens V Neck S Dk Charcoal Melange  $89

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