Allianz Has An App for That!

The Allianz Travel App has many cool features for travelers.
The Allianz Travel App has many cool features for travelers.

Travel Safely? There's Now an App for That!

Allianz Global Assistance launched its new TravelSmart Mobile App featuring: real-time flight stats, medication dictionary, translate first aid terms, country information, international hospital search, policy management and click to call hotline.

Here are some of the features for travelers, this is the first time we've seen so many different features all rolled into one easy and FREE iphone app.

Real-Time Flight Stats: Allows you to monitor the status of your flight from inside the TravelSmart app. Just click on the Flight Status button and enter your flights so that you can keep tabs on their status as you travel. One thing our tester noticed was that it only allows you to put in the dates of a trip within a three-day window. So you'll need to put upcoming trips in just three days before you leave to use this feature.

The app includes emergency numbers and links for destination info for any country in the world. Very useful!
The app includes emergency numbers and links for destination info for any country in the world. Very useful!

Testing the App Out

Medication Dictionary: When you are traveling abroad and need to replace your medicine the Medical Dictionary in the TravelSmart app will provide the international term for your medication. You can access pictures from your iPhone camera or photo library to add to your medication dictionary, in addition, notes that the user enters about medications can be stored in the app for quick reference.

I typed in a few of the medications I take and voila! The app showed the international name of the the first branded pills I buy in the US. Unfortunately, the second medicine I typed in was not found. I did find a third one, Ambien, and now know that around the world it's called "Zolpidemi Tartras."

Nobody wants to rely on their knowledge of the local language when it comes to buying medication. This dictionary can be a lifesaver, keeping you from ingesting the wrong medicine due to a language barrier.

Translate First Aid Terms: If you require medical assistance abroad and need to communicate your needs quickly and effectively, the First Aid Terms functionality in your TravelSmart app allows you to translate common first aid terms in multiple languages.

There are 65 terms from "accident" to "wrist" which pretty much should cover whatever is wrong with you.

Country Information: You are a first time traveler to a country and want to learn more. The Country Information feature provides emergency contact information as well as a Wikipedia link with general information.

Wikipedia is a comprehensive encyclopedia that's updated almost by the minute. You can be sure to find useful and handy information, and because of so many editors, it's pretty well vetted. Because of the data it would require, to use this feature you have to be on Wi-Fi or on a cellular network, it doesn't work without an internet connection.

International Hospital Search: When abroad, it’s comforting to know that you have access to medical facilities that have been reviewed by Allianz Global Assistance and you can find exactly where those facilities are via your TravelSmart app.

Use the International Hospital Search to locate an AGA reviewed facility near you, just click on the marker for driving directions.  You filter the hospital search by country, which might be a problem in a large country like the US, or Argentina. But since this relies on GPS location, it's hard to test this feature anywhere but here in the US where I wrote this story.

I searched under my hometown, "Deerfield MA" and I was directed to a hospital that is 32 miles away. There is a hospital only 9 miles from here, so this still needs some improvement.

Policy Information: You just purchased atravel insurance policy from Allianz Global Assistance. Store your policy information and coverage details in the TravelSmart app so that you can have quick and easy access to your information wherever you are - even offline. This is definitely handy when packing light for an extended trip.

TravelSmart Hotline: Instant access to Customer Service and Emergency Medical Assistance with the click of a button, inside the U.S. or traveling abroad. Allianz has a wide range of policies, and the cost per day is very reasonable.  This button gives you peace of mind, you'll easily be able to reach the company should you have a claim or get sick or injured.

Thanks to Allianz for sponsoring this post, providing travel coverage for the unexpected. GoNOMAD received financial compensation from Allianz Global Assistance (AGA Service Company).