Iceland: Hotel Husafell

Relax in the geothermic pools of Iceland's Hotel Husafell.
Discover rugged Iceland in the lap of Luxury at Hotel Husafell.

Iceland’s Glacier Hotel: Discover why Iceland is one of 2016’s Top Destinations

By Kristen Richard

Iceland’s landscape is unpredictable and rugged. In one day I climbed a large glacier and later on hiked through mountains to a geothermal pool, where I relaxed and enjoyed the view of a volcano.

There is a lot of hiking right around the hotel.
Trails just outside the hotel take hikers to all sorts of sites.

While the landscape and weather are unpredictable that simply adds to the endless adventure that is Iceland. West Iceland was named one of the 2016 top places to go by Lonely Planet. Hotel Husafell, a glacier adjacent hotel in West Iceland, is ready to cater to those looking for adventure.

Hotel Husafel l is located just 90 minutes outside of the capital city Reykjavik. While the city of Reykjavik is unlike any other, the new hotel gives comfortable accommodations right on the edge of wilderness.

Fady Salame, a guest, said the hotel was a “great place with an amazing restaurant, it was everything you would not expect in such a remote place!”

Iceland is known for its commitment to green energy and creating a sustainable country. The hotel upholds these standards by using 100% renewable energy that is produced on site. The hotel is also made out of eco-friendly materials.

The 36 resort-style rooms have floor to ceiling windows and heated floors.

Rósa Gréta Ívarsdóttir, another recent guest, said the hotel was, “one of the most beautiful hotels in Iceland, in a location that can’t be beat. Many thanks to chef Sævar Birnir and our waiter Andri Már for making our night unforgettable! The divine food and the view from the restaurant is one of a kind!”

The rooms give guests a taste of Iceland’s culture with the sheepskin chairs, bath products made from Icelandic herbs, and paintings created by Husafell artist Pal Gudmundsson.

Guests can also enjoy outdoor thermal pools and hot tubs. If you would rather try your hand at golf the hotel also has a nine–hole course. The course offers special hours during the time of the midnight sun.

Take a super jeep up one of the largest glaciers.

Views of the Glaciers from the Restaurant

The gourmet restaurant in the hotel has floor to ceiling windows. This allows guests to look out on the Langjokull and Eiriksjokull glaciers while dining on locally caught seafood and vegetables grown in the nearby geothermal greenhouses.

Hotel guest Reynir S. said, “Everything is brand new and spotless, but it was the restaurant that surprised me. I chose the five-course wild game menu and it was definitely one of the best food experiences of my life. I didn´t expect anything like that. I´m very demanding when it comes to Icelandic wild game. The waiter could answer all my questions regarding the food. It was obvious that she enjoyed serving. The breakfast also surpassed my expectations.”

When the day begins hotel guests can enjoy a complimentary Icelandic breakfast. Hikers can then head out and enjoy miles of trails that will take one through dense woods, lava formations, and glaciers.

If you want to journey further then your feet can carry you, the hotel also offers a variety of day tours. The tours take one many places. One tour includes riding a super jeep through the rough Iceland terrain up to the top of Iceland’s second largest glacier. The glaciers can also be accessed year round for recreation with the right type of equipment.

The waterfalls
Guests can also hike to the Hraunfossar waterfalls. These waterfalls cascade from under the lava fields into a mighty river.

There are also numerous lava fields around the hotel which are close to lava caves. Some of the caves one can hike to are Surtshellir and Víðgelmir. These are some of the largest lava caves in the world.

Guests can also take a tour to the ice cave of Langjokull. The cave is located in Europe’s second largest glacier. It is about 1200 meters above sea level.

If hiking does not catch your interest then take to the sky. You can book airplane tours through the hotel.

If you happen to be traveling to Iceland during the time of year when northern lights are frequent Husafell is one of the best places in the world to see them.

Not only will Hotel Husafell will allow guests to experience the beautiful diverse environment of Iceland but it will allow guests to see why the Icelandic people work so hard to preserve it.

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