Fitness vacations: Relax and Get Fit

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A group of Austin Adventures travelers stop for some lakeside yoga.

Get a Head Start with Fitness Vacations By Austin Adventures

By Sarah Robertson

Perhaps it is time to redefine what it means to go on vacation. In a recent trend, travel agencies have been wiping “relaxation” from their itineraries and replacing it with words like “healthy”, “adventure”, and “fitness”.

Athletic companies everywhere are partnering with hotels and travel agencies to offer guests a new brand of fitness vacation for the adventurous spirit. Reebok is one such company, partnering with the longstanding multi-sport travel company, Austin Adventures, to create new travel packages focused on fitness.

“The concept of ‘adventure’ is deeply engrained in the ethos of our company,” says Dan Austin, head of Austin Adventures, “With this partnership, we now have an incredible opportunity to bring Reebok’s fitness expertise into the landscapes where fitness enthusiasts want to travel.”

Starting in summer 2014 they will offer three separate trip itineraries in Montana, Utah, and Costa Rica. The trips will feature a wide variety of outdoor activities like biking, rafting, and

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Pumping a log on vacation with Austin Adventures.

running combined with group fitness classes and traditional exercises. The excursion-oriented vacations offer a wide variety of activities to athletic travelers who want to combine their passion for fitness with alternative travel.

These trips are not a quick way to get in shape. A fitness vacation is for people dedicated to an active lifestyle that they want to bring with them on vacation. By traveling with fellow fitness fanatics it gives guests the opportunity to bond with like-minded individuals and motivate each other to work harder.

“We are always looking for new ways to engage fitness enthusiasts and to create opportunities to make fitness an integral part of their lifestyle,” said Linne Kimball, head of licensing at Reebok, “Partnering with a great organization like Austin Adventures gives our consumers the opportunity to experience fitness in some of the world’s most incredible locations.”

About Austin Adventures

For forty years now Austin Adventures has been committed to giving travelers the most fulfilling travel experience possible. They believe that for every destination they visit there is a unique way to best experience it, whether it be churning through rapids in Utah or hiking a mountain in Costa Rica.

“All of our trips are for fit-minded people,” says Dan Austin, “These trips give the opportunity to people who like to stay in shape and focus on fitness to spend a week with like-minded individuals pushing themselves.”

In addition to the three Reebok trips this summer, Austin Adventures offers over eighty other excursions on six continents. Each trip takes travelers on excursions that let them best experience the natural terrain and see things off the beaten path. Whitewater rafting, hiking, and zip-lining are just some of the activities you might see on an Austin Adventures itinerary.

Each tour consists of twelve guests and two experienced guides seasoned in travel and fitness. The guides take groups on excursions and help incorporate fitness into each activity. Yoga on top of a mountain, outdoor fitness classes, and obstacle courses are just some of the activities they have in store.

In 2012 Travel + Leisure awarded Austin Adventures World’s Best Values Award for Tour Operators. Austin Adventures also won the Global Vision Award for its Wheels of Change bicycle empowerment initiative.

Reebok Knows Fitness

By partnering with Reebok, Austin Adventures hopes to make their already action-packed vacations even more physically engaging. Reebok brings an extra dose of athleticism to the excursions with new more challenging activities and a turbo-charged itinerary.

“People are more focused on staying fit now so it’s often that people work out fifty weeks a year and go on vacation and go backwards,” says Dan Austin, “with Reebok fitness vacations by Austin Adventures it’s the opposite.”

Runners trekking up a mountain in Montana.
Runners trekking up a mountain in Montana.

In our increasingly health-conscious world more and more people are opting to go on fitness vacations to keep up with their active lifestyles. Reebok fitness vacations even provide meals formulated for fitness. The tour serves a hearty breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day with specific calorie counts to fuel the day’s activities. Rather than losing progress on a vacation, most people maintain or lose weight while avoiding the post-vacation guilt.

Many argue that fitness vacations are more exotic, relaxing, and enjoyable than a traditional vacation. The exercise component takes travelers to more remote locations and makes down time far more relaxing on a fitness vacation. The greatest part about a fitness vacation, however, is the opportunity to meet and spend time with a group of people who all share a passion for fitness.

Sit Back, Relax, and Workout

While a fitness vacation might not be for everyone we can’t forget that it is still a vacation. These trips cater to those who want to keep up with their workouts on vacation but still prioritize fun.

The Reebok component of the trip only slightly modifies the classic Austin Adventures trip itinerary. Guests should expect to be active for six to eight hours a day doing different activities each day. A typical day might involve hiking up a mountain, a quick break and some yoga, then the descent, leaving the evening open to socialize, relax, and maybe even get a massage.

To book a Reebok fitness vacation by Austin Adventures visit their website and browse the available itineraries. The program launches this summer with just three trips to Montana, Utah, and Costa Rica, but there will be many more to come. The first trip to Montana leaves on July 13th and lasts one week.

“Any time you can spend a week with like-minded individuals is always fun. If this is the lifestyle you choose at home doing it in a different environment is new and exciting,” says Dan.

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Sarah Robertson is a student at UMass Amherst studying Journalism and Social Thought in Political Economy. She is Lifestyle editor for The Daily Collegian and AmherstWire. Follow Sarah on twitter at @srobertson and read her blog at

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