Staying Bug-Free in Zika Territories

Map showing areas that were affected in the past and where Zika is now a problem.
Map showing areas that were affected in the past and where Zika is now a problem

By Emily Johnson

Clothes with a benefit?

If your travels involve the Southern Hemisphere, you should look no further than ExOfficio for the perfect clothing and BullFrog for sunscreen when packing your bags. Two

One of the many ExOfficio men's and women's Insect Shield clothing that prevents mosquitoes.
One of the many ExOfficio men’s and women’s Insect Shield clothing that prevents mosquitoes.

companies have launched products that also serve as insect repellent, which is important in areas where there is a greater threat of the Zika virus.

With the recent growing fear of the Zika virus, travelers should take every precaution to maintain their safety in order to enjoy their trip. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the use of mosquito bed nets, long-sleeve shirts and pants, EPA-registered repellents and permethrin-treated clothing, like the BugsAway collection.

Zika is a concern in countries and areas like Brazil, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Puerto Rico and South America, so visitors should take into account the necessary prevention tactics, especially when it can be as simple as buying a new outfit and sunscreen!

ExOfficio's Galaxy shirt
ExOfficio’s Galaxy shirt

ExOfficio has introduced the men’s and women’s collection of apparel and accessories, which include long sleeve shirts, pants, jackets, socks, hats, neck gaiters and bandanas that boast insect protection. Many of the products that repel insects also have built-in UV protection.

Insect Shield Technology

ExOfficio, which was the first clothing company to make use of the Insect Shield technology, has manufactured their BugsAway collection since 2004. Containing permethrin, the travel-ready apparel is comfortable, as the insecticide is odorless and invisible by tightly bonding to the fibers of the fabric.

The clothing and accessories can be purchased at any of ExOfficio’s five locations across the United States. Their flagship stores are located in Cherry Creek, Colorado; Seattle, Washington; Bellevue Square, Washington; Sea-Tac International Airport in Seattle, Washington; and JFK International Airport in New York.

The products can be purchased at local and online specialty retail stores, as well as online at ExOfficio’s site,

Talisman Plaid long sleeve mens shirt. Style and practicality make this line a winner.
Talisman Plaid long sleeve mens shirt. Style and practicality make this line a winner.

A women’s BugsAway Kutula Tunic costs $65 and a men’s BugsAway Talisman plaid shirt costs $85. Men’s pants cost from $80 to $100, and women’s pants from $75 to $100.

Many customers have found their purchase to be worthwhile. One customer was fond of the construction of the shirt, particularly its lightness. Another said that it was comfortable to wear, even in hot weather. One customer noted that the shirt washes easily and dries quickly, and that, as many other customers had mentioned, it proved to be effective as an insect repellent.

Bullfrog Sunscreen with Bug Spray

Not only will the clothing with repellent in its fabric, but good old sprays are also need in areas with Zika mosquitoes.  Bullfrog offers a line of products without DEET, which many people like to avoid. SolSkyn Personal Care LLC, a sun protection product and skin care company in the United States that distributes its products globally, has introduced three innovative formulas for a sunscreen and bug spray fusion product.

Bullfrog Mosquito Coast sunscreen and insect repellent, DEET free.
Bullfrog Mosquito Coast sunscreen and insect repellent, DEET free.

BullFrog, the EPA-approved sunscreen line, boasts its high-performance sunscreen for the outdoors for its three formulas: the Land Sport, the Water Sport and the Mosquito Coast.

The BullFrog Land Sport formula, which uses Sweat TECH technology, promotes land-based activity because of its lightness. The formula comes in four products: the continuous spray, a quik gel, a quik stik and lip balm.

The six-ounce alcohol base, oil-free spray is sweat-resistant and costs $10.99. The five-ounce quik gel, also $10.99, is oil-free and good for acne-prone skin.

The .65-ounce quik stick, which is good for sensitive skin and is sweat-resistant, is sold for $7.49. The 15-ounce lip balm costs $1.99 and contains aloe vera, avocado oil, jojoba oil and cocoa butter.

The BullFrog Water Sport formula, which uses Water Armor TECH technology, is powered by a hydrophobic polymer for water resistance in water-based activity. The formula comes in a six-ounce continuous spray, which is the longest-lasting water resistant formula and costs $10.99. Its counterpart, the new water sport lotion, costs $9.99.

The BullFrog Mosquito Coast formula, which is DEET-free, can be purchased as a six-ounce continuous spray for $10.99 or a 4.7-ounce pump spray for $9.99. Its capacity to repel insects can last for eight hours.

All of the products in the Bullfrog Land Sport and Bullfrog Water Sport lines are SPF 50, and the two Bullfrog Mosquito Coast products are SPF 30. Every product is water-resistant and lasts 80 minutes.

Engineered to protect individuals from the sun and insects, the product is a safe alternative to DEET and citronella. The BullDog products are available at drug stores, grocers and other retail stores.

Bull Frog mosquito coast DEET free sunscreen and insect repellent

ExOfficio Men’s Air Strip Long Sleeve Shirt, Galaxy, X-Large

ExOfficio Women’s Bugsaway Halo Check Long Sleeve Shirt, Tropez, Large

Bull Frog Mosquito Coast Spray Sunscreen with Insect Repellent, 6 Ounce

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